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Warnemünde is a small, seaside town in Germany on the Baltic coast, and is a popular stop for cruise ships. There is not a lot to do in Warnemünde because it is so small, but there is certainly enough to keep you busy for a few hours on your port stop. If you plan to stay in Warnemünde for a longer time, you can relax on the beach or take the train to Berlin for some nightlife.  

In Warnemünde, the highlight of the trip will likely be a walk around the town to look at architecture which is centuries old. It is recommended to go off the beaten tourist path and check out the lived-in houses. This is where you will find the quaint, small town feeling that Warnemunde looks like it should have. The tourist areas are always full of bustling tourists in a hurry to get back to their ship on time.

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Why visit Warnemunde ?

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A small seaside town

Relax on the beach or take the train to Berlin for some nightlife

There are a few attractions that you won’t want to miss in Warnemünde. The first is the canal walk, which is full of cafés and shops. The people who run them are all friendly and ready to make your visit pleasant and enjoyable. You can shop for almost anything along the canal of Warnemünde, but rumour has it that it is difficult to find things that you might expect to find, like an authentic German beer stein.  

Another great place to visit in Warnemünde is the Teepot Restaurant. This is a modern (1968) establishment that at one time was so exclusive that you had to know the host in order to gain admission. It’s not that exclusive anymore and even tourists can get a table now. The appeal of the Teepot Restaurant is that the walls are lined with Warnemünde history, from photos to artefacts, making you feel like you’re dining inside a museum.  

Another little town that you may want to visit while in Warnemünde is Rostock. Rostock is about 15 minutes from Warnemünde by train, and there is even a guided tour from Warnemünde to Rostock that you can book. The guided tour takes you inside some of the old buildings that you may not otherwise have access to. Rostock is the home of St Mary’s Church, which houses an astronomical clock that dates back to the 1400s.  

If you arrived in Warnemünde by ship and want to see Berlin, you can take the train but you should know that you may not make it back to the ship in time. The train ride to Berlin takes about 2 1/2 hours. That takes up a lot of time in a five or six hour excursion. If you are visiting Warnemünde on your own then Berlin is probably the last place you want to visit. The two are completely opposite: Warnemünde is a small town while Berlin is a bustling big city. Stay in the Warnemünde and Rostock area on your trip or excursion; there is enough history, shopping, dining and beaches to keep you happy for several hours or even several days.

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