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Vigo is little known outside of Spain, yet it is a vast and quite spectacularly situated city on the north west coast of the country, in the province of Galicia. Being just north of the Portuguese border, Vigo has a population of more than 300,000 people and is the largest non-capital city in the country. It is also the most important economic base in the region. The city is well known for its fishing and boat building industries and is the largest fishing port in Europe. Pescanova, the world’s biggest fishing company is based here.  

In terms of area, greater Vigo covers about 110sq. km, with a total population of more than half a million people. The climate is mild, with an average 48°F in the winter months and 66°F in summer. Rainfall is temperate, averaging 2” in summer and 24” in winter.

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Why visit Vigo ?

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Stunning views

A vast and quite spectacularly situated city

Because of its premier location, cleanliness, cosmopolitan outlook, beautiful beaches, history and areas of outstanding attractiveness, Vigo is currently experiencing an increasing tourist trade. Some interesting and innovative tourist activities have been established and the city has created free 100 minute walking tours, with simple self-explanatory titles, sea, nature and culture. There are magnificent and not to be missed sites including a walk around Vigo’s Old Town, which runs down to the marina. The buildings are mainly old fisherman’s houses and the church of Santa Maria is the focal point of the area.  

Four plazas in the Old Town are beautiful, atmospheric and overlooked by wonderful four or five storey arched buildings of classic Galician design. Pedra Square was a smuggler’s meeting place and the narrow streets still retain a secretive atmosphere.  

Many cultures have influenced Vigo over the centuries and some of these can still be seen. The Olive Tree of Vigo is a traditional must, as are the Roman and medieval ruins. There are also many well-preserved 17th and 18th century buildings.  

The city is set in the middle of the Ria de Vigo, the massive bay named after the city and which is also home to many picturesque little fishing villages. The city itself is set on a varied landscape amid a complex network of waterways, bridges; some old stone, another Golden Gate looking new, hills and beaches. The complexity of the town and the combination of old and very modern makes it a thoroughly interesting and attractive place to explore.  

Development in Vigo is particularly focused on the massive port and the modern road network. The motorway curves around and sometimes above the city and all access routes are excellent. Budget airlines are a recent, quick, cheap and easy additional transport option for visitors. Vigo is a departure point for cruise ships travelling the Atlantic coast and is also home to one of Spain’s most exclusive yacht clubs. Closer to home, tourists can take waterway trips around the Ria. With its microclimate, stunning views and the many other attractions, Vigo is a top tourist destination of the future. Be sure to make a visit now, before the place is overrun by tourists.

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