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Trondheim is a great place to visit at any time of the year, not just in the summer. The city is located in the county of Sor-Trondelag, about five hundred kilometres from the Polar Circle. Founded in 997 AD, Trondheim was Norway’s first capital, and is today still the coronation city where Norway’s kings are crowned. The city has almost 160,000 residents plus an additional 25,000 students who come to study at the Trondheim University.  

Trondheim is accessible by air, train, boat, bus or private car. The airport is situated 32 kilometres from the city in Vaerns with easy connections to multiple destinations in Europe. Train connections can be made from Stockholm or from both the northern and southern railway grids in Norway. Boat travel can be undertaken on the Coastal Express, which stops at Trondheim everyday on both onward and return legs of its journey. Bus and car rental services can be accessed from the major Norwegian cities. Within the city there is an extremely reasonable and efficient bus service, and there are also tram lines and local trains.

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Why visit Trondheim ?

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An extremely friendly and congenial place

A great place to visit at any time of the year, not just in the summer

If you are the type of person who enjoys art and culture, Trondheim has a modern theatre and is known for its symphony orchestra. You can also visit the Ringve Museum of Musical History, the National Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Trondheim Kunstmuseum. Visit during the end of July and first week of August for the St Olav Festival, a main pilgrimage event every year.  

Must-see sights in Trondheim are the Nidaros Cathedral where you can take a guided tour and Bakklandet, which is a restored area of shops and cafes. Also visit the Old Town Bridge, the market square at Torvet, Tyholt Tower and the Royal Regalia exhibition. Some of the unique places to visit in Trondheim are the world’s first bike lift at Bakklandet, the TV tower with a rotating restaurant on top, and wooden mansions and houses in the city centre.  

For wildlife fans, Trondheim abounds with wildlife habitats – Gaulosen is one such habitat where there is an observation tower. Wild animals can also be seen within the city; animals such as otters, beavers, foxes, badgers, moose and deer are common sights.  

For the adrenalin and sports junkies, Trondheim offers plenty of action. Fishing on the Nidelva River is a great experience. The river is filled with salmon and trout, the former growing up to some awesome weights, the record standing at 70lbs!! The city has several riding centres around its outer limits, or you can go swimming along the fjord or fresh-water lakes. The Trondheim Piebald is a large aquatic fun and amusement park open to families, for sports and fitness activities.  

Nidelven Opplevelser is an outdoor activity centre based on a nature theme with activities such as canoeing, ravine hiking, climbing, polyathlons, downhill sledging, ice climbing and snowshoe hiking.  

Shopping fanatics can get their fix at Nordre Gate, Thomas Angells Gate, Fjordgata, Trondheim Torg and Byhaven to name a few. Eat and drink at Emilies, Chablis, Credo, but be warned!! There are some very strict rules governing the sale and consumption of alcohol.  

Trondheim has something to offer for every class of traveller – budget, mid-income or high-end. It is also a very safe city and an extremely friendly and congenial place to spend your holiday.

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