The capital of Northern Norway, Tromso is also known as the Gateway to the Arctic and is a must-see item on any travel itinerary. In terms of travel, you can take a 2-hour flight from Oslo or sail in from Bergen, which will take you four days. Some of the attractions you can look forward to are the Northern Lights, Polar Nights and a mix of island landscapes, fjords and mountainous peaks.

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Why visit Tromso ?

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The Gateway to the Arctic

A must-see item on any travel itinerary

Important Facts:

  • Tromso is the largest city among the countries lying north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Human settlement in Tromso goes back as far as 10,000 years!!
  • The city as we know it today came into being in 1794; the population is a mix of people of Norwegian, Sami and Finnish origins.
  • Fishing and agriculture are the two main occupations, and modern focus has also moved into the fields of education, research, fishing exports and satellite technology.
  • The city has a surprisingly moderate climate, given its location; in Summer temperatures range from 5 to 28 degrees Celsius. The lowest recorded January temperature was minus 18 degrees Celsius, more typically the January temperature is around minus 4 degrees Celsius.
  • The Midnight Sun is visible between 21 May and 21 July; Polar Nights occur between 21 November and 21 January.
  • Tromso is in the centre of the Northern Lights Zone, with large green bursts visible from the city, most often between 6pm and 2am on a dark and clear day.
Some of the places you must visit are the Tromso Centre – a large wooden building with Imperial-style architecture - and the Arctic Cathedral built in 1965 and famous for its flaming glass mosaic. Other interesting locations within the city are the Polar Museum, the University Museum, Polaria – an adventure and knowledge centre – and the Art Museum. You should take a cable car up Storsteinen to catch a glimpse of awesome panoramic views of the city, the Midnight Sun or the Northern Lights. Also visit the world’s northernmost botanical garden at Mack’s Brewery – the northernmost brewery in the world. Visit the city of Lyngen to check out the Lyngen Church, and the world’s largest wooden building – Solhov folkehogskole.  

Shopping & Leisure Activities:

  • Go shopping on Storgata, the city’s main pedestrian street for paintings or photo prints, glass-blown knickknacks or handmade candles, and Arctic food such as reindeer sausages or stock fish.
  • Other items of interest include home-made handicrafts; knitted garments, woven rugs, carpet runners, etc.
  • Leisure activities could include eating and hanging out at the numerous cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars where you can taste fresh seafood, meats such as elk, reindeer and goat, together with wonderful strawberries when in season.
  • Entertainment includes local theatre and revues in winter, the Northern Lights Festival and the International Choir Festival for different styles of music.
If all the above activities have still not satisfied your appetite for adventure and fun, here are some more activities you can engage in:  

  • Go hiking, mountain-climbing or glacier-walking in the summer; take a safari to see sperm whales or a ferry trip to the islands located northwest of Tromso.
  • Winter activities on offer are cross-country skiing, reindeer-driven sleigh rides, dog sledding, ice fishing and snow scooter rides.
You can be sure that your visit to Tromso will be exciting; you will get to experience several firsts on the trip and come back with a lot of memories and souvenirs of a great holiday.

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