Travemunde is a historic beach resort town located in the Baltic Sea. Founded in 1187 and then purchased in 1329, Travemünde used to be a fishing village and port for international trade. It wasn’t until the early 1800s that Travemünde was recognised as a place where people might like to visit for pleasure. At that time, some public bath houses were built to attract visitors.

Travemünde did pretty well until World War II came. When the war ended, the people of Travemünde had to rebuild their town and try to re-establish its appeal as a tourist spot. A spa was built, along with a beach centre and a concert hall. Eventually, a skyscraper was built, and it now houses a café at the top from which you get a breathtaking view of Travemünde. And the rest, as they say, is beach resort history.

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Why visit Travemunde ?

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A historic beach resort town

In the wintertime, Travemunde hosts the Neujahrsmarkt Travemunde

Today in Travemunde some of the historical sites still exist, such as the “Oldest House”, a home that was built in the 16th century, a lighthouse and a 450-year-old church. However, these historical sites are not the only things that usually draw tourists to this resort town. Travemünde is home to a number of beaches, yachting and fishing, gambling, a health spa, horseback riding and a golf course. It could be said that people come from all over the world to Travemünde for a gamut of experiences.  

Don’t miss the Passat, Travemünde’s pride and one of its most famous landmarks. The Passat is the last of the German windjammers, having circumnavigated the world at least 39 times between 1932 and 1948. Today, the Passat is a museum vessel that has been anchored in the Travemünde port since 1960.  

As if there wasn’t already enough to do in Travemünde, the beach resort town hosts a regatta festival in July each year. Thousands of sailors show up in Travemünde in nearly 1,000 yachts to join the locals in the festivities that last about a week, though some stay behind and enjoy Travemünde for a while after the regatta has ended. The festivities include boat races, parties, live music, dances, potlucks and barbecues. It’s basically just a week long party that you won’t want to miss if you love boats or parties.  

Whilst the regatta partying is going on, there are some very serious competitors at Travemünde. These competitors aren’t the yachtsmen; they are actually sand artists. The annual Sand World sand sculpture festival and competition begins in early July and runs through September. Yes, it’s another festival, which means another party for party-loving travellers to attend. The Sand World festival has a different theme each year.  

Just because Travemünde is a beach resort doesn’t mean it shuts down when the summer has ended. In the wintertime, Travemünde hosts the Neujahrsmarkt Travemünde. This is a market that draws people from all over Europe, particularly Scandinavians and Germans. The market runs for a week between Christmas and New Year. It’s the ultimate after Christmas sale. And you can bet that there are some parties going on there too!

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