Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is located west of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The canal was built in 1869 and is one of the most popular attractions near Port Said. It is used as a transport hub for the Sinai Peninsula.  

The weather conditions in Port Said are fairly good all year round, so there’s always a chance to enjoy a day visiting the Suez Canal. Cool, clear mornings are a particularly good time for transiting the canal.  

There are many beaches nearby, which are perfect for a bit of relaxation after exploring the canal. Port Said has long, sandy beaches and there is also a beach located at Port Faud, which is worth visiting.

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Why visit Suez Canal ?

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Many beaches nearby

The perfect attraction for those who have an interest in ships

The Suez Canal is the perfect attraction for those who have an interest in ships. Whilst visiting, you will have the opportunity to watch ships from all over the world pass through the canal. If that is not enough, then perhaps you should explore the nearby ship making yards at Port Said’s old Maritime Dockyard.  

The Suez Canal is an ideal attraction for those who are looking for some history to explore during their stay at nearby destinations such as Port Said or Port Faud. The canal has featured widely in popular culture, appearing in films, songs and even games. Its popularity is mainly a result of the Suez Crisis, which was a military attack on Egypt that took place in 1956 after Egypt’s decision to nationalize the Suez Canal.  

The canal is ideal for tours. Perhaps the easiest way to visit the canal is at Suez, which can be found at the southern tip of the canal. During a tour, will want to visit Cairo, which is only an hour and a half away. Cairo offers a wide selection of cultural attractions, shops, activities, and a busy nightlife, so you will definitely want to add this to your list of places to see whilst in Egypt.  

There are longer tours available, where you can visit the canal and do some sight seeing. The Eastern Desert Monasteries are not far away and can be visited as part of the longer tour. There are also some interesting buildings nearby, including the Suez Canal House.  

The canal is conveniently located to many other attractions in Port Said and Port Fuad, which you can explore after your tour around the canal. Port Said has many interesting museums that are worth visiting, so be sure to fit these into your visit.  

After your visit, you may wish to do some shopping or stop for something to eat. Port Said offers a variety of eateries and markets for you to browse. If you feel like a relaxing walk after exploring the canal, visit Port Faud which offers a selection of gardens and parks.  

The Suez Canal is an interesting attraction, though it may not necessarily be ideal for some tourists. If you are looking for something more upbeat with lots of activities then perhaps you should visit Port Said’s beaches, where there are a variety of sea sports clubs. If you have a large interest in ships and wish to explore a bit of history, then you should definitely make the time to visit the Suez Canal.

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