Stavanger is in the county of Rogaland Norway. Stavanger was first established as a municipality in 1838, but is several years older as a settlement. Stavanger is considered the 4th largest city in Norway with 119,000 residents. A little aside: Stavanger is known as the “Petroleum Capital of Norway.’ The city is one of contradictions as it has both old and new influences on its architecture.  

For those travelling to Stavanger you can expect the climate to be a mild one since the city is on the southwest coast of Norway. You have a maritime climate with rain at about 1200 mm per year. Most of the time temperatures will be above freezing even in winter. Summer is the most pleasant season with a lot of sun. Stavanger also boasts the longest growing season in Norway.

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Why visit Stavanger ?

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Memories to cherish for a lifetime

The pictures you take home will speak volumes about this beautiful location.

Stavanger is a port city of modern times. On the port side you can expect to see skyscrapers with an open harbour in the background. There is also a lot of Marsh Land in this area. A top time to visit Stavanger is during MaiJazz, an International Jazz Festival that occurs in August. There is also the International Chamber Music festival in the same month.  

For outdoor activities in Stavanger you have Lysefjorden. It is the most popular hiking spot for tourists and residents in the country. You also have Prekestolen and Kjeragbolten. ‘Prekestolen’ means Pulpit Rock. It is an enormous rock of about 604 metres. The rock hangs over the fjord. The Kjeragbolten also has a rock wedge in the cliff that is 1000 metres above the fjord. Kjerag is a very popular area for Base Jumping if you are into a bit of danger and adventure. During the winter Stavanger is a great place for skiing and snowboarding.  

During summer you should visit sandy beaches such as Sola that are close to the city, but still far enough out for a pleasant and more peaceful day. Within the city centre Old Stavanger is a place you must see. The town has numerous eighteenth and nineteenth century wooden buildings. The Stavanger Domkirke for example is also the St Svithun’s Cathedral. The cathedral was built from 1100 to 1125. It is one of the oldest structures you can visit. An English Bishop, Reinald, built it. It depicts the Anglo Norman style of the 13th century as well as showing some gothic influence in the vaulted roof.  

Stavanger, with its long history offers the Stavanger Museum to help you learn all about the city’s past. The museum of Archaeology is actually one of five in Norway offering a wealth of information on the subject.  

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is another location not to miss. It is situated near the harbour and enjoys some of the most amazing views. If you want memories to cherish for a lifetime, the city of Stavanger should be on your travelling itinerary. The pictures you take home will speak volumes about this beautiful location.

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