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St Maarten

St Maarten is located in the northeast of the Caribbean, some 300 km east of Puerto Rico. St Maarten is a small island, the total area of which is fourteen square miles. It is the smallest, inhabited, marine island to be divided between two nations, France and the Netherlands Antilles. The island area of St Martin, or St Maarten, belongs to the Netherlands Antilles and France has the northern half of the island, known as the Collectivity of St Martin or the Collectivité de Saint-Martin. The two territories together are commonly known as St Martin/St Maarten. The Island’s main airport is called the Princess Juliana International and this name is also used when referring to the island. The largest city in the Island area is St. Philipsburg with a population of around 1330, while the largest in the northern half of the island is called Marigot with a population of just under 5,400.

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Why visit St Maarten ?

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A small island

Famous for its beaches and its night life

The Island has a rich history. It was first settled by the Arawak Indians in 800 AD. In 1493, Columbus claimed it for Spain and it was abandoned by the Spanish in 1647. Thereafter, it became a site of struggle between the French and Dutch armies. The division of St Maarten was made under the Treaty of Concordia in 1648 where the Dutch Republic and France agreed to split the territory between them. The island temperature is hot and sunny but because it is in the inter-tropical convergence zone. It is sometimes threatened by tropical storms in the late summer and early fall. Visitors should ensure that if they are there during this period they should monitor local weather forecasts.  

St Martin/St Maarten Island has a wealth of world class hotels and other accommodations, much of which is either for rent or for sale. A lot of these buildings are located either in up market shopping areas or directly on the beach. There are also villas that boast their own private beaches, some of which are rented out to well-to-do tourists. The Dutch side of the island is famous for its beaches and its night life is populated by casinos and bars offering exotic alcoholic drinks. Nude beaches, up market shopping and clothes are hallmarks of the French side of the island along with rich Indian and French cooking.  

There is no real public transportation system on the island. Visitors use one of the many car rental agencies to hire a car if they want to travel around.  

The Island has plenty of historic sites to interest tourists and, for those who prefer a more relaxed holiday, there is sunbathing, swimming and water sports. The island is noted for its wonderful shopping and being duty and tax free has made it a shoppers’ paradise. Besides its shopping, the island is well known for the gourmet restaurants that can be found on both sides of the island along with more reasonably priced eateries. If you enjoy shopping and eating then you couldn’t do better than St Maarten Island.

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