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St George s (Bermuda)

St George’s, Bermuda is arguably the oldest town in Bermuda, and at one time was the capital of Bermuda until Hamilton took over the duties. Unlike Hamilton, St George’s never modernised and still looks very much the same as it did when it was founded 250 years ago. Because of this, and because of the existence of many of the old forts that used to protect the town, UNESCO awarded St George’s the title of World Heritage Site.  

St George’s offers plenty of things to see for travellers. Most of them are historical and all of them are within an easy walk from one another. The best time to visit St George’s is during the tourist season, which runs from May through to September. During this time, the residents of St George’s dress up in period clothing and re-enact the old days for the tourists.

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Bermuda’s Oldest Town

At one time was the capital of Bermuda until Hamilton took over the duties

The re-enactments can be found at the historic King’s Square, which is the original main square of St George’s, and is still the main square housing the Town Hall and the Visitor’s Bureau. When you get to St George’s, stop by the Visitor’s Bureau for information on all the historic places open to the public, and get a map of the area.  

You will find on your map directions to the old forts that are open to the public for exploration. Many of the original cannons are still in place at the forts, along with other historical artefacts. One of the most notable forts that should be on your list of places to visit is Fort St Catherine.  

After you tear yourself away from all of the history of St George’s, head over to the harbour for some parasailing or take a stroll on the boardwalk to watch the para-sailors in action. Parasailing is a big sport in St George’s because the climate is perfect for it.  

The climate of St George’s may not be what you think, though. Bermuda is considered tropical, but St George’s is in the northernmost area of the tropics and so it is not always as hot here. There is a lot of wind during the rainy season, and the winds can be quite chilly at times. If you visit St George’s during the tourist season, though, you should have good, warm weather suited for parasailing, renting a boat and touring the islands, or strolling around St George’s to see what treasures you can find.  

The town of St George’s offers an unusual shopping opportunity to tourists; the Deliverance II (the ship) is up for sale -- sort of. St George’s has been showing this replica of the original Deliverance for many years as a tourist attraction but she is quickly declining and in need of some additional restoration and repairs. Anyone who can afford the ship must promise to leave it where it stands, pay Bermuda rent for the land it is on and agree to allow Bermuda to use it as a tourist attraction!

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