St Barts

St. Bart’s is a little slice of France dropped in the Southern Caribbean. The official language is French and the Euro is the primary currency. However, you’ll find English spoken widely and merchants will accept US dollars.  

The weather is almost perfect, with temperatures generally running somewhere in the 80’s. The edge is taken off the temperature by the trade winds, which blow year-round, so it is almost always comfortable for outdoors activities. In the evenings, it can get down to between 60° and 70°F, so a light sweater or jacket is advisable. Rain normally falls for a brief time in the evenings, so it wont spoil your daytime beach and water activities.  

The port city of Gustavia is a colourful place, with brightly painted houses lining the glittering yacht harbour. The ambience of the town is very French and very chic and tends to remind you of a miniature version of the Cote d Azur.

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Why visit St Barts ?

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The weather is almost perfect

A laid back pace of life with first class amenities

There is plenty of duty-free shopping, with small boutiques lining quaint streets and there are bargains to be had on items ranging from chic clothing to t-shirts and other trinkets. If it’s brand names you’re after, head to Gustavia, where you’ll find the wares of such distinctive labels as Hermes, Lolita Jaca, Appunto, Emporio Armani and Stephane & Bernard.  

There are plenty of gourmet cafes and restaurants and a good number of outdoor cafes in which to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink, while watching the world go by.  

St. Barts, which is actually the island of St. Barthelemy, is a melting pot of cultures. The French originally settled the island, but the British also ruled here for a short time. Sweden also occupied the island for a while and their influence is most strongly felt in the capital of Gustavia. France again took over the island in 1878 and it has been a French territory ever since.  

There is plenty to see and do on the island, with many beaches, including Baie St. Jean, which looks like a mini-St. Tropez. This is the place to find lots of beachfront cafes, lounge chairs that can be rented for the day, shopping and of course, the pristine harbour which is perfect for swimming or snorkelling.  

There is Marigot Beach, on the North Shore, which is particularly great for snorkelling or swimming, as well as a variety of water sports. Then there is the Grand Cul-de-Sac, which is a rather private, narrow strip of beach protected by a reef on its northern shore. You’ll find loads of water sports here.  

St. Barts is one of those islands where the pace is slow and easy. At times it can be crowded with tourists, but it is not nearly so bad as some of the more popular southern Caribbean islands such as Aruba.  

There is plenty of lodging available on the island and several cruise lines make port calls here. However, since St. Barts is not a regular port of call for the majority of cruise ships, tourists do not adversely impact the island’s unique charm and culture.  

A visit to St. Barts is sure to please if you are looking for a laid back pace of life with first class amenities.

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