Located on the Mediterranean coast of France is the unique city of Sete. It was once known as Ceta or Sita and it started out not as part of mainland France, but as part of the island of Mont Saint Clair. The city has always been a sea-faring one and its main export was at one time pickled fish. Through the centuries mud and silt eventually closed off the island’s main ports and connected it to the mainland, until the city of Sete became the port of this French province known as Languedoc.  

Sete was used as a base of operations for the French authorities hunting the last of the Mediterranean privateers under Barbe Rousette. In an effort to protect the town from the storms at sea, a jetty was started in 1596 and was completed in 1666. It provided the city with secure anchorage for both commercial vessels and the French royal fleet as well as a sea entrance to the Canal du Midi. Conquered by the British in 1710 and then being almost completely obliterated by the allies in World War II during liberation, Sete didn’t stay down for long and with its rebirth came the new role of principal French fishing port on the Mediterranean.

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On the Mediterranean coast

There is nothing more relaxing than simply taking in the sun on one of Sete’s many white sand beaches

When visiting Sete, there are plenty of things to do in and around the warm waters of the Mediterranean itself. Simply strolling along the waterfront and listening to the fishermen call out to one another among the calls of the seagulls above makes for a quiet and tranquil walk. The city is alive and warm even during the winter and visitors to Sete can always find a quiet place to eat and simply take in the sunsets over the sea. Accommodation in Sete includes small private hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and self-catering options.  

Sailboats and yachts are all over the place, especially as you stroll along the Saint Louis Pier. The city is where many competitors in the America’s Cup train and if you enjoy water sports, you will easily be able to find places here to rent boats and equipment. If you prefer to stay on dry land, then the lighthouse is a great place to get a bird’s eye view of the area. Rebuilt in 1948, it is the only remaining lighthouse in the country that has a Fresnel lens made of rock crystal.  

As with many old cities in Europe, Sete is not without its fair share of cathedrals and churches for visitors to peruse. The Chapelle Notre Dame de la Salette was a church that was converted out of the remains of a fort that was constructed by the Duke of Montmorency and then dismantled by Cardinal Richelieu in 1632. It was the home of hermits who prayed for fishermen and the place where fires were lit to ward off pirates. It was restored in 1987. The Sailors’ cemetery is also located here and if you take the time to walk through it, you will see names from all over the world mingled with many French names.  

Cultural exhibits in Sete are also available and the Muss Valery holds a wonderful collection of paintings, exhibits, and historical items that relate to the town of Sete as well as poet Paul Valery. The Espace Brassens is another museum based on the life and times of poet George Brassens. Visitors can be guided through the museum by listening to a recorded guide made by Brassens himself.  

Finally, there is nothing more relaxing than simply taking in the sun on one of Sete’s many white sand beaches. The Lazaret and Corniche beaches are the closest to Sete’s city centre, and the Villeroy beach extends to Marseillan-Plage and includes numerous beach bars along the way. The Fontaine and Lido beaches have recently been widened and there are games for children and free car parks along this long stretch of pure enjoyment, warm sand and gentle waves.

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