Riga is the capital of Latvia, located on the Baltic Sea. There is much for travellers to do in Riga, both day and night. By day, just a stroll around the city to see the exciting blend of old and new architecture can be quite thrilling. Many of the old, medieval buildings still stand amongst the newer building of art nouveau style. By night, you can take in some of Riga’s fast and fun nightlife.  

One of the sights you won’t be able to miss is the Dom Cathedral, the largest church in the entire Balkan region. The Dom Cathedral is in the district of Vecriga and houses a world famous church organ. You’ll want to spend at least a few hours at the Cathedral, and then the rest of the day roaming around Vecriga. After dinner at a quaint café, check out some of Vecriga’s vibrant nightlife to top off the evening.

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Why visit Riga ?

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The capital of Latvia

There is much for travellers to do in Riga, both day and night

Until 1991, Latvia was part of the Soviet Union and this is apparent throughout Riga. The housing is styled exactly like most of Soviet housing in Russia (gray block dwellings), and culture is still reminiscent of Soviet rule in some areas, though Riga has come a long way since 1991, and today the city is a fine tourist attraction.  

Visit some of the museums to learn about a culture that was alive not so long ago, but that is gone in all but memories and artefacts. One of the museums that can give you insight into the former Soviet Riga is the Occupation Museum. This museum was once dedicated to heroes of the USSR, and a statue of a Riga Red Rifleman still adorns the front of the museum. Even the building has remained the same over the years. Visiting the Occupation Museum is truly a step into the past.  

If you love to shop, the best places in the world to shop are the outdoor markets where vendors set up their booths and are ready to wheel and deal with you as you walk down the street. In Riga, it is no different. Riga’s Central Market is located near the International Bus Terminal. If you’re coming into Riga by bus, be careful not to spend your hostel money as you pass through the market.  

If you want to see all of Riga at once, head over to the TV tower. This concrete tower is built on only three legs and is 368 metres tall. You can go as high in the tower as 97 metres to an observation deck that allows you to look out over the entire city. For another great view of Riga, go to St. Peter’s Church and take the lift to the tower.  

Finding a place to stay in Riga is apparently pretty easy if you know where to look; check out the CouchSurfing project online. This is an Internet cooperative, wherein people offer their couches for free to international travellers. Needless to say, couch surfing is quite popular in Riga. If couch surfing isn’t for you, there are a number of very nice hostels and a hotel or two in Riga as well.

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