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Cruising to Napier in New Zealand means that you will berth at the Port of Napier, which is a kilometre north of the city’s centre. The port of Napier is a working port and does not have pedestrian access. That means you will need to catch the port shuttle to get into the city. Once you are in the city, it is very easy to get around Napier using the local bus services. The Port of Napier receives dozens of cruise ships each year.  

Many of the large cruise companies, such as Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and P&O, feature cruises to Napier, and you will also find some smaller specialist companies that offer tailor-made cruises. Some cruises cover Australia and New Zealand, with passengers flying to Sydney to join the cruise, which will take them around the North and South Islands. New Zealand is an excellent destination for cruises, as many of its attractions are close to the coast. There is also the option of choosing stopovers in cities in Asia or the USA if you have a few days to spare before or after the cruise.

Latest Napier Deals

13 Night New Zealand Holiday Cruise

30 Dec 2020 (13 Nights) Cruise Only from £1627pp
Serenade of the Seas

Southern Australia & Tasmania

05 Mar 2021 (10 Nights) Cruise Only from £906pp
Majestic Princess

New Zealand

27 Jan 2021 (13 Nights) Cruise Only from £1384pp
Sapphire Princess

New Zealand

08 Apr 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £745pp
Golden Princess

New Zealand

10 Mar 2020 (13 Nights) Cruise Only from £1072pp
Golden Princess

Australia & New Zealand

21 Feb 2020 (14 Nights) Cruise Only from £7290pp
Viking Orion

Northwest To Northland

05 Jan 2021 (14 Nights) Fly Cruise from £5709pp

17-day Orchid Isles & The Coral Coast

04 Dec 2019 (17 Nights) Cruise Only from £3498pp
Seabourn Encore


16 Sep 2020 (12 Nights) Cruise Only from £1247pp
Majestic Princess

Australia Getaway

25 Mar 2021 (3 Nights) Cruise Only from £311pp
Sapphire Princess

New Zealand and Tasmania

26 Jan 2020 (20 Nights) Fly Cruise from Call Us
Queen Elizabeth

New Zealand

03 Dec 2019 (13 Nights) Cruise Only from £1023pp
Golden Princess

Cruise Companies that sail to Napier

Why visit Napier ?

Napier location iamge - CruiseDirection

Napier is a little gem of a town

Stroll around its streets to spot some 1930s streetscapes and facades

New Zealand is a fantastic country to visit as, despite its small size, it packs in just about every type of natural attraction you can imagine. Spectacular rugged coastlines, mountains, stunning beaches, volcanoes, and, of course, the fascinating Maori culture. There are just 4.6 million New Zealanders scattered across 268,021 kilometres of land, and the rest of the space is filled with lakes, beaches, fjords, mountains, and forests. New Zealand is a wonderful place to relax and unwind, and with no on-the-road frustrations, getting around is easy.  

The Daily Telegraph building is one of the best examples of art-deco in this town. Outside, you can admire the superb fountain shapes, zigzags, and ziggurat aesthetic. Today, the building is a real-estate office, but if the doors are open, you can nip inside to look at the restored foyer. Another art-deco masterpiece is the National Tobacco Company Building, constructed in 1932. The building combines art-deco forms with art-nouveau motifs. Take a look at the elegantly arched entrance, which features raupo, roses, and grapevines. During business hours, you can go inside to view the first two rooms.  

The National Aquarium of New Zealand is located in Napier in a modern complex with a roof inspired by a stingray. Inside, there are eels, kiwis, piranhas, terrapins and tuatara, plus fish species. You can swim with sharks, or enjoy a Little Penguin Close Encounter.  

A half-hour drive from Napier is Cape Kidnappers, a craggy peninsula that is home to the world’s largest mainland gannet colony. Visitors to the colony can get to within a few feet of the birds. There are various options to get to the colony, including helicopter safaris and tractor rides along the beach. There is also a 10-kilometre walk along the coast, but be sure to check the tide times before setting out. The best time to view the gannets is from September to April, as after that the gannets migrate.

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