Mombasa is located in Kenya in East Africa. The city is the second largest in Kenya, and has a population of over half a million. Located on Mombasa Island, the city is a popular tourist destination and has an interesting history that can be explored during your holiday.  

In Mombasa, the average temperature throughout the year is around 30°C. The rainy period is usually in April and May, which is late spring. The best time to visit the city would be after the rainy period, so that you can enjoy Mombasa’s lovely beaches in the sun.  

Mombasa is a tropical resort with many beautiful sandy beaches along the coastline south of the city. Here you can relax during the day and enjoy the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean at night. Diani Beach, a popular waterfront resort, is 30 km south of Mombasa and definitely worth a visit. Here you can enjoy the beautiful long beach and keep a lookout for the black and white colobus monkeys that can be found in the area.

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Why visit Mombasa ?

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The second largest in Kenya

Mombasa is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a bit of culture and history

Mombasa offers many cultural and historic attractions. For a look at some interesting art designs and ancient buildings, you may wish to visit Old Town, which explores the history of the Arab influence on the town’s culture. Here you will find many souvenirs and antiques. The Hindu Temple is another cultural attraction that you may wish to visit. Inside the temple, you can enjoy a tour and learn about the temple’s history.  

If you are interested in wildlife, you will definitely want to stop by Mamba Village, which is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm and is located in Nyali. This attraction teaches you everything you need to know about crocodiles, including their behaviour and their life cycle. You can take a tour of the farm, watch the crocodiles being fed and relax in the Mamba Restaurant for something to eat. There is also the Bamburi Nature Trail, which has a selection of reptiles, insects and animals and is the largest animal sanctuary in the city.  

For those who enjoy historic attractions, there is Fort Jesus, which was built during the 16th century and is one of Mombasa’s most popular attractions. Within the fort is a museum displaying artefacts from the days of slave trade in Mombasa. Another historic attraction is the Gedi Ruins, which are the remains of a Swahili Town. The Gedi Ruins can be found on the north coast of Mombasa.  

Mombasa has many top restaurants for you to choose from. Your visit to Mombasa would not be complete without trying some of the city’s top cuisines, such as Sawahili cuisine, a terrific blend of Arab and African cooking. Castaway’s Bar and Restaurant offer a selection of seafood such as lobsters and oysters, and for those who love their meat dishes; there is Mubin’s, an outdoor restaurant that offers a selection of barbecued meat such as chicken and lamb. Other terrific foods offered in Mombasa include tropical fruit and vegetables.  

There are plenty of hotels which are located along Mombasa’s sandy beaches. You will find the newer hotels along the south coast and some further along the north coast. The majority of top quality hotels are located along the north coast.  

Mombasa Old Town is a good place to shop, as there is a selection of markets, including a fish market and a mango market. Beautifully carved jewellery boxes and other carved products can be found in Mombasa, as well as khangas and kikoys, which are traditional cloths that make ideal souvenirs or gifts.  

Mombasa is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for a bit of culture and history, as well as some relaxation on the beautiful beaches. It is certainly one destination that you will not forget in a hurry.

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