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For those holidaymakers who are a bit more adventurous a visit to South America would not be complete without seeing the Amazon Jungle. Situated in Brazil’s northern region, Manaus is the capital of the Amazonas State. It sits proudly on the banks of the Rio Negro or Black River and is an important centre for ecological tourism. This is because the Rio Negro is part of an extensive river system that joins with the Amazon River. With Manaus as its main port, it is the perfect departure point for tourists wishing to visit the Amazon region.

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Why visit Manaus ?

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An important centre for ecological tourism

The perfect departure point for tourists wishing to visit the Amazon region

Being in the Amazon region means that the city once called ‘The Paris of the Tropics’ by the ‘rubber barons’ is surrounded by natural beauty. The forested area of the National Research Institute of Amazônia (INPA), and the Zoological Gardens, which contain various animal species, including some facing extinction, are a must see when visiting the city . But one of the most popular attractions is the Ponta Negra beach, which is 13 kilometres from the middle of the city. Here, when the river is very low the sands are revealed down to the river bed itself. This forms an attractive contrast with the dark waters of the river. There are many boat tours that will take sightseers to view all of these wonderful things in a very relaxed laid back way.  

Manaus’s amazing natural surroundings offer more than just sightseeing opportunities. The Tarumã, Tarumãzinho and Cachoeira das Almas bayous are branches of rivers which are located near the city and are used by the public for swimming, especially on the weekend. Sport and leisure is an essential part of life in Manaus with the Ponta Negra Cultural, Sport and Leisure Park at its heart. The complex offers a cycle way, beach volleyball courts, a belvedere, playground, a medical centre and an impressive sidewalk with restaurants, bars and snack bars, plus a view of the setting sun that is hard to better anywhere else in the world.  

Although Manaus isn’t renowned for its night life that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to party. The area near the Tropical Hotel at Ponta Negra Beach is one of the main nightlife spots. The wide boulevard is a haven for locals and tourists who enjoy the many bars and restaurants as well as the regular concerts and events held at the amphitheatre, which can hold almost 15,000 people. Entertainment can also be found at the waterfront, where the many boutiques double up as beach kiosks during the day when the beach is crowded, and open at night for a causal beer or snack. Being located very close to the equator Manaus is ensured of a yearly average temperature of around 27 degrees Celsius. The Manaus dry season is during June to October but rain is still a regular occurrence during this time. This is due to the surrounding jungle constantly recycling water. So be prepared, rain is extremely frequent in Manaus.

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