Lima is not too well known for being a holiday destination and is more famous for being the capital city of Peru; also for its extreme size. The flat residential area is home to almost a third of the country’s entire population.  

But all that is changing for Lima, the city that was once called La Ciudad de los Reyes or ‘The City of The Kings’ by the Spanish conquistadores. Lima is positioned on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, but it is not the beaches that are attracting new visitors. The array of beautiful valleys, hills and mountains that surround the city of Lima tower as high as 500m above sea level and were once inhabited by the mysterious Inca people. It is the ruins of their buildings that have kept archaeologists busy for many years and they are now luring tourists back to the city for countless hours of exploration and discovery.

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Why visit Lima ?

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The Capital City of Peru

Beautiful architecture coupled with a laid back atmosphere and amazing natural beauty

Lima is situated in the heart of the tropics, but the cold offshore Humboldt Current ensures a mild climate all the year round. The average summer temperature is probably only around 18 degrees Celsius. But being situated in the tropics also guarantees an extreme lack of rain and humidity stays high all year round. It is because of this high humidity that fog can often be seen settling over the city especially during May to November.  

Compared to most South American cities Lima is quite laid back, which is reflected in its extensive nightlife opportunities. Areas such as Barranco, situated to the south of Lima, have many bars and restaurants that offer reasonably priced food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Transport between the many bars is easy with a well established network of buses and micros, which are also known as mototaxis.  

A trip to Lima wouldn’t be complete without a look into its deep history. Although the area had been ruled by the Spanish for many years since their conquistadors conquered the city in 1532, the real beauty of the place is the mystery left behind by the Incas and their buildings. The Spanish however left the city centre with many beautiful buildings of their own, such as the Plaza Mayor which includes the 16th century Cathedral and the Presidential Palace, but the surrounding mountains and their many ancient cities are what attract the majority of Lima’s tourists and power the fast growing tourist industry.  

Manchu Picchu has been featured in many books and travel programmes, all of which describe its beauty and natural energy; just as a trip to London isn’t complete without a trip to Big Ben or 10 Downing Street, a trip to Peru and Lima could not be complete without seeing these extraordinary ruins. The ruins are absolutely breathtaking and the most secret parts of the ruins can be best appreciated with the services of an official guide. There are many different tour companies that will offer the best tour possible to Manchu Picchu but it is always best to do your own research and find a reputable company.  

The mysterious history, beautiful architecture coupled with its laid back atmosphere and the amazing natural beauty that surrounds the city, makes Lima a must see city on any visit to South America.

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