Leknes is located in the county of Nordland in the northern part of Norway. The town of Leknes is a municipality of Vestvagoy, and therefore very small. Unlike other cities and towns in the area, Leknes is not a fishing village. It doesn’t even have its city centre based on fisheries. Instead, Leknes is a cruise ship port for Norway. Lofoten and Vesteralen are the more popular areas in Nordland and popular destinations for the cruise ship passengers calling at Leknes.  

Leknes, though small by way of inhabitants has its own airport, which services flights to Bodo and some to Svolvaer. It also has a small bus terminal that will service the greater areas of Nordland. Leknes is considered a twin town to Gravdal, which has the region’s only hospital.

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Memories for a lifetime

The top trading and shopping centre for Lofoten

When visiting Leknes you will discover it is the top trading and shopping centre for Lofoten. The town is not so much a tourist destination as the hub for other cities around it to access the goods they need. Leknes has been under rapid growth in recent years and is going away from the traditional wooden architecture of the area and moving towards commercialised city structures. Therefore many find Leknes is not as picturesque as some of the fishing villages nearby. This does not mean that Leknes doesn’t have some wonderful views and attractions, however. Before discussing the attractions and places to see, it is important to mention the weather in Norway. Norway is a cooler clime based on its location in the Northern part of the world. You can expect 0 to 10 degrees Celsius as the temperature throughout the year. While sometimes temperatures can reach 20 degrees Celsius this is quite rare and would occur only in the summer months.  

For travel to Leknes Norway the traveller will need to pack long-sleeved shirts, coats, and warm trousers. It is rare that you would want shorts or summer related clothing even for the beaches in the area. Leknes does have numerous white sandy beaches where the windy days can be enjoyed. You can also expect the weather to be rainy, snowy, and cloudy most of the year, particularly in autumn. During the summer there will be a lot of sunny days to help warm things up a little!  

Other attractions and places to see, besides the beaches, are the mountains, peaks, and cliffs. The Harbour Leknes Havn is also a popular spot for tourists. There is some fishing out of the harbour, but the area is more for shopping and souvenirs. The old school house in the Fygle neighbourhood of Leknes has been turned into a museum. It is something you should not miss if you are interested in the history of the area. If the shopping and views are not enough you should take a cruise to the nearby Norwegian Fjords. The fjords boast beautiful clear waters and glacial formations.  

For those not on a cruise, there are plenty of hotels in the area in which to enjoy a comfortable stay. Visiting Leknes will offer you memories for a lifetime.

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