Lanzarote is a beautiful island found off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands. It is the fourth largest island of the seven main islands and has an exquisite landscape that is incomparable to the rest of the Canary Islands. It is a volcanic island set in the Atlantic Ocean and it is home to various splendid mountain ranges and unique flora and fauna.  

The island is beautiful year round and is kept cool by the trade winds that come in from the Atlantic Ocean. The only downside is the sandstorms which do occur infrequently every year. In these cases the temperature rises fairly quickly, it becomes dry and there is limited visibility on the island. The sandstorms come from the nearby Sahara Desert and reach all the way over to the islands. Other than this, the water is kept warm by the temperature which has an annual average of 21 degrees Celsius.

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Why visit Lanzarote ?

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An exquisite landscape

A volcanic island which is home to various splendid mountain ranges and unique flora and fauna

The island has some beautiful yet rocky beaches and volcanic mountain ranges around the island. Some of these mountain ranges where you can go on hiking adventures include the Ajaches which are to the south of the island, and the Famara which is in the north of the island. There is also the Jable desert which serves as a buffer area between the Montañaas del Fuego and the mountain range, Famara. Another popular area to visit is the Jameos del Agua Lagoon which was formed by one of the volcanic eruptions on the island.  

One of the more popular national parks in Lanzarote is the Timanfaya National Park. Here you will find the tallest mountain peak of the island, Peñas del Chache, which reaches 670 meters above the sea level.  

This island has been protected by the UNESCO under the department of the Biosphere Reserve, mainly for one reason; this island contains the largest submerged volcanic tunnel known on Earth. It is commonly referred to as the Tunnel of Atlantis.  

Many people come to Lanzarote for its flora and fauna. While there are only about 35 different species of animals there are over 500 species of plants and lichen. Some plant life which you may see when on the island includes the Phoenix canariensis, wild olive trees, laurisilva trees, ferns and pinus canariensis.  

In terms of animal life, you may have the chance to see bats, dromedary, falcons and various reptiles. Some of the creatures more famous on the island include the Remipedia and the Gallotia lizard.  

If you are looking to take a beach vacation, the best beach on Lanzarote is the Playa de Papgayo. Here you can see the spectacular Hacha Grande from a distance. The blue waters are relatively calm compared to on neighbouring beaches, and it is surrounded by a peaceful and majestic landscape.  

Lanzarote feeds off of tourism so you should only expect the best out of this island. It is a lovely and serene area to vacation in and spend time relaxing on the beaches or taking hikes up mountains.

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