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La Palma

Nothing sounds better than going to a little island in the Canary Islands such as La Palma. La Palma only has 85,000 inhabitants and is the third smallest island out of the seven that make up the Canary Islands. It is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean which was claimed by Spain but now governs itself along with its sister islands. The claim to fame for La Palma (or better know as La Isla de La Palma) is that it is the steepest Island in the world.  

La Palma has always been a very significant island as it served as a launch and service areas for ships on their way to America during the period of colonisation. It became very rich from trading and this is seen throughout the culture of its port city. The island’s principal port is called Santa Cruz de La Palma. Here you will see the preserved culture, from growing tobacco and selling premium cigars to the elegant 17th and 18th century architecture of the houses that were built here.

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Why visit La Palma ?

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The steepest Island in the world

La Palma is a stunning island to visit and the perfect place to get away from all the stresses of daily life

La Palma is the perfect vacation getaway for those who love to be at one with nature. Considering its volcanic make up, there are hundreds of astonishing things to see on this small island of only 706 square kilometres.  

Hiking around the island is the best way to see its beauty up close. It is also sometimes the only way to enter into certain parts of the island. For example the national park of Caldera de Taburiente is only accessible by hiking down through the Angustias, or what is better known as the Valley of Fear. The highs and lows of this adventure are incredible as there are mountains that reach 2000 feet as well as gorges which drop down to below sea level.  

Close to the Caldera de Taburiente is the Cumbre Nueva which is inspiring to visit. It is made up of various volcanic cones comprised of scoria and lava from the volcanic explosions. It is one of the best volcanic ridges to visit in all of the seven major Canary Islands. Although it is still an active spot, the ridges have remained dormant since the early 70s. One of the favourite places to visit in La Palma are the water tunnels, also known as the minas galerias. They help to bring mountain water to all the populated areas of the island. You can walk along the aqueducts in which the water is irrigated into from the water tunnels, and you can visit the water tunnels by purchasing a special pass. Nearby, you will fund the famous Marcos y Corderos waterfall and springs, which are phenomenal to relax by.  

Roque de los Muchachos, which soars 2400 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain top in La Palma. Scientists have taken advantage of its position and built astronomical observatories which allow them to see over the clouds.

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