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King's Wharf, Bermuda is also known as the Royal Naval Dockyard. King’s Wharf is located in western Bermuda, away from the pink sandy beaches for which Bermuda is famous. King’s Wharf is a popular port of call for cruise ships, and as such King’s Wharf is full of shopping, shopping and more shopping for their overseas visitors!  

Just about five minutes from the dockyard is a large mall called the Clocktower Mall. Inside the Clocktower Mall you will find plenty of shops and boutiques; shopping here is not a lot different from the shopping you can do at home. If you venture a little further to the Old Cooperage, though, you will run into the Craft Market where you can find local crafts, which make much better souvenirs than the ones you will find at the mall.

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Royal Naval Dockyard

King’s Wharf is full of shopping, shopping and more shopping

Next door to the Craft Market is the Bermuda Arts Centre, which has four studios where you can watch the local artists at work. This is an interesting stopover during your King’s Wharf shopping trip. The artists change weekly, so that if you happen to be staying in King’s Wharf for a while you will be able to see a variety of talent.  

The Maritime Museum at King’s Wharf is a must see for history buffs. At the museum you will find remnants of the history of Bermuda, as well as the history of the seas surrounding Bermuda. One can learn about the Bermuda Triangle at the Maritime Museum, and view other artefacts such as war planes.  

If it’s pink sandy beaches you want while in Bermuda, you will have to leave King’s Wharf to find them. You can pick up a taxi, a ferry or a bus on the island to take you to the southern parts of Bermuda. This is where you’ll find the pink sand. Keep in mind, though, that taxis are expensive in Bermuda, but if you want to see and enjoy the pink sand and be back to King’s Wharf in time, you will have to take a taxi as this is the quickest mode of transportation. Don’t waste time looking for a car to rent; only the locals are allowed to drive in Bermuda.  

The one attraction at King’s Wharf that nobody should miss is the Dolphin Quest. A recent BBC survey concluded that one of the things that most people want to do before they die is to swim with the dolphins. At Dolphin Quest, you can indeed swim with the dolphins. Dolphin Quest is an interactive dolphin experience where you can interact with the dolphins in the water, as well as out of it. You also get to speak to the trainers while you are there, in order to learn more than you thought possible about these wonderful sea creatures. The dolphins are trained to work with humans and are safe, which cannot be said about dolphins in the wild. If swimming with the dolphins is on your list of things to do in your lifetime, don’t miss visiting Dolphin Quest.

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