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Honningsvaag is located in the northern part of Norway. In fact it is considered the northernmost city in the entire country. Honningsvaag is a small port city with only 2,600 residents. Despite an edict in 1997 that all cities must have at least 5000 residents Honningsvaag was able to keep its city status. Honningsvaag is located on the bay of Mageroya, which is also an island.  

Honnigsvaag offers a port of call for many cruise ships during the year, but most often in the summer months. Temperatures in Honningsvaag will be around -3 to 15 degrees Celsius through the year. The warmest months are in summer, with July as the best cruising month. July offers sunnier days and less rain than the rest of the year. During the year you can expect rain, clouds, and some snow. The magnificent clouds add to the picturesque appeal. In fact, winter in Honningsvaag is sensational when the storm clouds move over the fjords and the sun sets.

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Why visit Honningsvaag ?

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A small port city

Located on the bay of Mageroya, which is also an island

Honningsvaag was first inhabited 10,300 years ago and is remains a huge supplier of food. With the ice free ocean and south western part of Barents Sea, Honningsvaag was a great fishing port in the past. It is still one of the top fishing areas as well as a tourist locale.  

In Honningsvaag there are white sandy beaches, with water on average at -4 degrees Celsius all year round. The temperature of the sea as well as the air is milder than most expect for the area, but you still need long sleeve shirts, sweaters, trousers, and heavy coats to be comfortable.  

The Mageroya Island is the most famous Northern Cape, and a must see for any tourist travelling near Honningsvaag. There are also many gardens to visit while in Honningsvaag with gorgeous landscapes and imposing trees.  

A snippet of trivia that you should know before visiting Honningsvaag Norway is that the famous dog Bamse came from the area. In 1999 the North Cape was linked to Honningsvaag by a sub- sea tunnel. There is also a road that connects the Island, which was created in 1956. Taking the road allows you to see more of the views of both cities. As you stand on the island you are above sea level at 300 metres. The area and chapel makes for a wonderful place to get married.  

In Honningsvaag you have several bars, restaurants, and the North Cape Hall. These places are the most popular for residents. The main attractions in Honningsvaag are the fjords, the sea, and the Northern Cape Island. You don’t go to Honningsvaag for museums, theatres, and other indoor attractions. It is all about the rugged terrain, which has sustained life for more than 10,000 years. You do have the Nordkappmusseet in Honningsvaag, which is a maritime museum. The museum teaches of the past and present in a maritime community and offers guided tours.

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