Welcome to Gibraltar, a British overseas territory found near the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula. Overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, only a short border separates Gibraltar from Spain. The name, Gibraltar, originated from the Arabic, Jabal Tāriq, which means ‘Mountain of Tariq’.  

The residents of Gibraltar take pride in calling their territory ‘The Rock’. Among the things appreciated by tourists are Gibraltar’s flowering plants that are specially protected. The fascinating territory grows over 500 species of flora and fauna. Of particular note is the Gibraltar candytuft (Iberis gibraltarica), which thrives well in the region. Visitors recognise the aesthetic qualities of the wild trees that grow all around The Rock, among which are pine and old olive trees. Visitors relish Gibraltar’s upper region which is characterised by its nature reserve. Pay the Bay of Gibraltar a visit to enjoy and appreciate the sight of dolphins and whales. Gibraltar has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, and the territory’s climate features an eastern wind called the Levante and a western wind known as Poniente.

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The Rock

The name, Gibraltar, originated from the Arabic, Jabal Tāriq, which means Mountain of Tariq

Levante’s winds, an attribute of Africa’s Sahara, bring with them humid conditions as well as warmer seas, while Poniente carries with it fresh air and a colder sea. Since Gibraltar is like a metropolitan territory, its culture reflects diverse origins. Irrespective of the territory’s British and Andalusian links, the majority of Gibraltarians’ ethnic origins are out of tune with either British or Andalusian influences. The territory is a combination of Genoese, North African, Portuguese, Jewish, Maltese and Indian. However, they all combine to make a friendly set of people.  

Gibraltar’s cuisines are great. Owing to the mixture of different origins as well as its long relationship with the British, Gibraltar is able to gather together excellent dining options from these regions. In addition, there is a selection of great Mediterranean dishes to be found.  

You’ll find little or no problem moving around Gibraltar as the cable cars, taxis and buses are more than enough to aid your mobility. The Gibraltar Airport, just a few kilometres away from the city, serves as one of the main entrances into the territory.  

If you’re looking for a world class vacation spot to unwind, then think Gibraltar. This place has five divisions all of which are classy holiday making places. These divisions, the Gibraltar Bay, the Upper Town, the Eastern Corner, the Upper Rock and the Nature Reserve, offer unmatched beauty with unique attractions. Hotspots, which tourists usually find to be wonderful, are the Catalan Bay and Sandy Bay, along with a visit to the Dudley Ward Tunnel.  

Those that have been to Gibraltar have amazing stories about these fun spots. There are restaurants in abundance in Gibraltar, especially in its main plaza which is known as Casemates Square. There you’ll find numerous restaurants and pubs in operation. Enjoy a wondrous mix of British cuisines and that of the Mediterranean in any of these restaurants at prices that suit every budget. Care to know more? Visit Gibraltar to experience it all for yourself.

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