Geiranger is considered the crowning glory of Norway’s fjord district with its majestic snow covered mountains, wild waterfalls, lush vegetation and the deep blue waters of the fjord itself. It is not a city to be enjoyed in just one day and there are plenty of accommodation choices here to suit your every need while you explore this portion of Norway. The people are friendly and multi-lingual, and they will be able to help you make your stay the best possible.  

You can arrive in the city by sea or land and no matter by which route you come, your camera will be snapping all the way. The southern mountain roads offer you views of the glaciers and snow capped mountains that don’t change very much until late in the summer. You will travel through 38 bends in the road as you head down to Geiranger. Coming in on the road from Alesund is equally impressive, and coming in via the car ferry on the fjord offers a completely different perspective as you are looking at the mountains instead of down at the fjord.

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Why visit Geiranger ?

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The crowning glory of Norway’s fjord district

Geiranger offers plenty of activities for its visitors

The sheer beauty of Geiranger has made it a tourist haven over the years and the best place to see the view of the city itself is up on the mountain roads. You can also walk or hike up the mountains if you choose, and there are fjord cruises available that will help you see how people once lived on the banks of the fjord and the many different flora and fauna that now inhabit it. There are scheduled sightseeing tours of the Fjord during June, July, and August that offer you the best possible way to experience this area.  

The waterfalls around Geiranger and the Geiranger Geological Park give you a chance to see how the fjords were formed and there are many exhibitions available that are perfect for all members of the family. If you prefer to stay in town, the Geiranger Church is open to the public as the Fjord Adventure Centre, which gives you a historical look at the earliest fjord settlers.  

What do you enjoy doing? Geiranger offers plenty of activities for its visitors. Ball games can be scheduled on the school’s ball park area and you can hire boats to go fishing or exploring the fjord on your own. The sightseeing tours are available five to six times a day and rafting and horse riding are also available from private individuals around the city. There are daily excursions to other areas of Norway from Geiranger, its location making day trips convenient to all. With welcoming little villages dotted all around, you may just find little trinkets that will be precious as mementoes of your trip to the area.  

Geiranger offers its visitors plenty of places to eat that suit all tastes and prices. There are many open air restaurants, and international cuisine can be found here as well as more traditional Norwegian fare. The nightlife is active but not too rowdy, and relaxing and fun.  

You can also enjoy the shopping opportunities the city offers. Here you can find Norwegian handicraft traditions such as wood-carvings, weaving and knitted goods as well as art bargains and home craft articles of high quality. The city also keeps its general store open late during the tourist season; so you can always get what you need whatever the hour.

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