Lyttelton harbour is a beautiful scenic harbour located right beside the city of Christchurch. It offers the visitor spectacular scenery, a fascinating Maori and European history and an abundance of recreational opportunities. you can experience Lyttelton harbour for yourself by driving the short distance through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel or over the Port Hills.

Lyttelton harbour is the northern major sea inlet on Banks Peninsula, the one prominent feature on the coast of Canterbury, New Zealand. Banks Peninsula was once a volcanic island and Lyttelton harbour the sea-filled crater of a volcano that erupted 11 million years ago.

In the middle of the harbour lie three fascinating islands - Quail, Ripapa and King Billy.

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Christchurch is South Island’s premier city

Lies about 20 minutes by car north of Lyttelton

Often described as "the most English city outside England", the busy capital of the province of Canterbury is known for its relaxed ambiance and unhurried pace. Its English character is very much evident in the fine neo-Gothic stone buildings such as the Arts centre, the Canterbury Museum and the Christ Church Cathedral. The latter is the city’s dominating landmark, serving as a reminder of the important role the Church of England played in the settlement of this part of New Zealand. Locally, Christchurch is known as the "Garden City" for its numerous parks and gardens. The Botanic Gardens are among the finest in New Zealand, its formal flower beds ablaze with colour from spring through autumn. Shaded by overhanging trees, the Avon River meanders through the city, adding a further note of old-world charm.

Canterbury Museum Regarded as one of the finest museums in the Southern Hemisphere, the museum is a treasure house of Canterbury and New Zealand lore. Its main attractions include a replica Christchurch street typical of colonial days, and a Hall of Antarctic Discovery containing a fascinating collection of articles used by Antarctic explorers. The Pacific Hall displays exhibits detailing the three voyages of Captain Cook, as well as mementos collected during his travels.

Shopping in Lyttelton is rather limited, but Christchurch offers plenty of shopping opportunities. The majority of the stores are found around Christchurch’s Cathedral Square. The Arts Centre features studios showcasing the works of artisans. This is one of the few places where a wide range of local crafts is represented under one roof. Have a look at the pottery, bone carvings, pewter, sculptures and jewellery.

English, Maori and New Zealand Sign Language are the official languages of New Zealand. English is universal, and is written with Commonwealth ("British") spelling.

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