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Cancun has long been known as the party town where US college-kids head during the spring break. It is known primarily for its miles and miles of sandy white beaches, as well as its party atmosphere. Well, it’s all that, but a whole lot more too.  

Cancun is a Caribbean paradise that is rich in Mayan influences. It has a natural and cultural beauty that is highlighted by its stunning turquoise Caribbean waters, lined with beautiful white sand beaches and amazing offshore reef system. Cancun is the ideal place for a variety of water-related pleasures, including snorkelling, diving and parasailing, not to mention swimming.

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Why visit Cancun ?

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Natural and cultural beauty

Miles and miles of sandy white beaches

Cancun is comprised of two separate and distinct landmasses. Ciudad Cancun is on the Yucatan mainland and its prime attractions are the shops and restaurants. Many trips out to the sites of the Mayan ruins begin here, since it is the closest area of land from which to access them.  

The second landmass is Isla Cancun and this is the beating heart of the resort city of Cancun. It features luxurious resort properties and hotels, championship golf courses, some superb diving and snorkelling sites, deep-sea fishing and an almost limitless array of beach-related sports. For nighttime pleasures, Isla Cancun offers a wide selection of entertainment, from Mexican-style bars and restaurants to sophisticated clubs. Music ranges from salsa to modern dance club mixes. Restaurants serve anything from casual fare to five-star dining in gourmet style establishments that offer live music and dancing.  

There is a virtually limitless array of things to do in Cancun, with special emphasis on beach and water activities. You can rent a variety of watercraft, including sailboats or jet skies or can go snorkelling or diving. You can experience the heart-stopping thrill of a parasailing ride high above the beach or sit in a lounge chair sipping a fruity drink with a little umbrella sticking out of the top.  

Take a trip out to the Isle Mujeres Turtle Farm, which is a mere 25-minute boat ride from Cancun, where you can tour the turtles’ breeding grounds and view the wire cages that are placed around their eggs to keep them safe from predators.  

While on Isle Mujeres, why not indulge yourself in some world class shopping and dining venues? This is the Cancun most people don’t venture out to, so the pace is a little slower and the crowds a bit thinner. You’ll see a lot of colourful Caribbean architecture here and enjoy some amazingly beautiful beaches.  

The Eco-Adventure Park, located in Tres Rios, is a 150-acre facility located a mere 25miles south of Cancun. It is a nature reserve where you can snorkel, bike, go horseback riding, kayak, canoe and a whole lot more. If you really want to do something special, take a panoramic helicopter tour over this entire island paradise, as well as its surrounding areas. You can arrange for either a day or evening flight and you can even “chopper” on down to the ruins if you’d like.  

Cancun is the perfect resort city, because it offers something for everyone. It has miles and miles of incredible coastline, as well as a wide array of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. All beaches, by the way, are public property, even those on which large resort hotels are built, which makes Cancun a very accessible resort paradise.

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