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Although the population now seems to be declining slowly it still has over 130,000 people, making it the seventh largest city in Spain.  

Cadiz is a spectacular setting with numerous beaches and city plazas to venture around. You can even visit the colonial parts of Cadiz, which is known as the Old City.  

You should make it a priority to stop by one of the beaches of Cadiz as they are stunning. You have a few options; the favourite Cadiz beach is the Caleta. It is also rather famous considering the beach has been used for the filming of various movies including Die Another Day. The elegance of this beach comes from the two castles that are located on it: Santa Catalina and San Sebastian. It is rather convenient to go to if you are passing the day in the Old City, and it is very close to the Barrio de la Viña.

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Why visit Cadiz ?

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Incredible and stunning views

The first city of Western Europe to be continually inhabited

Another popular beach to visit is the Playa de la Victoria which has multiple tourist shops and places to eat close by. It is a nice beach and it is lot less rocky than other Cadiz beaches. It is a good three kilometres long so it is big enough for everyone!  

However, if you are planning on doing more than just laying around on the beach you should know what else is available for tourists who are planning on visiting Cadiz. For a small island, Cadiz was well protected; the previously mentioned castles were also used as military fortresses which are now put to good use serving as concert venues and areas for exhibitions. The San Sebatian castle, for the time being, is in the midst of a discussion as to how it should be put to use, while the Santa Catalina is used rather frequently for events. Other famous fortifications and walls in Cadiz include the Fortress of Candelaria which was built in 1672 and used as a military fortification, el Arco de los Blancos which is a gate used for a small town in the Populo district, Las Puertas de Tierra which was used to gain access to the old city and el Arco de la Rosa which was used to protect the cathedral in the 1700s.  

Other popular areas to go in Cadiz include Palacio de Congresos, the Roman Theatre, The Admirals House, the Tavira tower, the Pylons of Cadiz, the plaza de Candelaria, the cathedral and its plaza and the Old Town Hall.  

Cadiz enjoys moderate temperature all year round, making it an excellent place to take a holiday. It has an average climate in the 70s (Fahrenheit) with cool and calm breezes from the Bay of Cadiz.  

Cadiz has many spectacular places to go and see. You will have a wonderful time discovering this island city.

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