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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires in English means fair winds or good air. It is positioned on the southern shore of the Río de la Plata, on the south-eastern coast of the South American continent. It has been nicknamed ‘The Pearl of South America’ due to its majestic buildings and memorials that have been hailed by architectural experts as being “an authentic view of major world trends and not mere copies from Europe”.  

Seeing these many beautiful buildings, museums, and other places of historical interest is a must during your days in Buenos Aires. A guided tour is the usual way of getting around to see all the sights, but if you’re on a budget why not try cycling. This can give you a very relaxing view of the city with no schedule to stick to. You can really take in the atmosphere, grab a coffee, and sample the local food, but you do have to be very careful. This is because local bikers can be pretty erratic as there are no biking restrictions in the city and drivers soon run out of patience. It is advisable, therefore to stick to the registered bike paths, which can be found in the Bosques de Palermo, Costanera, Parque Thays, Av. Figueroa Alcorta, and Avenida Libertador.

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Why visit Buenos Aires ?

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Fair winds

The Pearl of South America

If you’re after a party, the Buenos Aires nightlife is as good as any, and very rarely does the city sleep. While the intense night clubs do not get going until at least 2 am they usually continue until around 7 am or when the last dancers finally tire themselves out. The Recoleta cemetery and its surrounding entertainment area has enough restaurants, bars, and clubs that will keep even the fussiest person entertained for some time. The Arcos del ferrocarril is a hidden hot spot and has a more intense dance vibe than the usual laid back atmosphere found in most of Buenos Aires. A long railway embankment disguises a number of bars and nightclubs that rock from Thursday right through to Sunday morning. But if all that seems a bit intense for you why not try taking in one of the many tango shows or soccer matches that are a passion of the local residents.  

The city of Buenos Aires enjoys a warm and stable climate almost all year around. There are no extreme peaks of hot or cold weather meaning that you can comfortably walk around the city at any time of year. If you are a sun freak and can’t go on holiday without catching a few rays the Buenos Aires summer, which is in January, will have the odd 40 degree Celsius day. Yearly annual rainfall is minimal, but most of it falls in the autumn and spring. Rain showers are usually nothing to write home about and will not interrupt you having an amazing time in this amazing city.  

The city of Buenos Aires is South America’s big cosmopolitan gateway, modern, dynamic, bustling with activity and full of history and highly recommended.

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