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Norway is a land of beauty boasting water, turrets, spires, and ornamentation on its buildings, giving every town character and charm. Each village and town looks as if it was part of a fairytale and the country is a collection of fjords, fishing villages, little islands, and majestic mountains. The town of Alesund is one of these unique places to visit and with plenty of accommodation options available, you may decide to stay for a little longer.  

The town of Alesund has had an interesting past. The current town is just one hundred years old as the original Alesund was devastated by a fire in 1904 on a stormy night. Ten thousand people were left homeless and within three years, the Art Nouveau style of buildings replaced the old Alesund with a new colourful and decorative one. Each building is decorated brightly and turrets and spires prevail.

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Why visit Alesund ?

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Only one hundred years old

Interesting cultural scene with cafes and restaurants mixing in with shops, galleries and the natural beauty of the country

Alesund today has a very interesting cultural scene with cafes and restaurants mixing in with shops, galleries and the natural beauty of the country. There are plenty of museums and exhibitions in the town itself describing the fire that devastated it and the reconstruction process that built it back up. You can get a great view of Alesund and the surrounding countryside by going to the summit of Mount Aksla. The summit can be reached by driving or by climbing the 418 steps that start at the town park. There is a viewing platform and cafeteria at the top, perfect for satisfying the appetite you will gain on the journey up!  

Some of the museums located in Alesund include The Art Nouveau Centre, The Art Museum KUBE, The Alesund Museum, and the Sunnmore Museum. This last museum explores the country’s Viking heritage and has an extensive Viking boat collection. Finally, the Fisheries Museum tells the history of the town and the area as it relates to the export of fish and cod liver oil, including now obsolete trades such as those of the cooper and block maker.  

Alesund holds activities that the kids will enjoy as well. The Atlantic Sea Park is one of the largest aquariums in Europe, and the landscape tanks show life in the ocean and fjords around the country. ‘Fjord Magic’ is a daily round trip that shows you the best of Norway, guiding you through the most beautiful fjords in the country, starting and ending in Alesund. There are also bird watching walks and a walking tour of Alesund for visitors to enjoy if they do not want to stray too far from their accommodation.  

If you are brave enough to venture into the cold waters, you can enjoy deep sea rafting and diving trips available for all intensity levels. You can also go fishing on a 47 foot wooden boat around the town, or venture out into the deeper waters with captains that know all of the good fishing spots. Plus, those land lubbers who prefer to remain in the town can enjoy the variety of shopping opportunities in Alesund, which range from a modern shopping complex to simple shops along the less beaten tracks of this Norwegian town.

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