Agadir is located in Southwest Morocco on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The city alone has a population of 200,000 and a population of over 678,000 when combined with nearby cities such as Aït Melloul and Inezgane. The reason behind Agadir’s modern appearance is the 1960 earthquake which killed 15,000 of the city’s people and destroyed many of its ancient buildings.  

In mid-January, Agadir has an average midday temperature of 20°Celcius, though temperatures can sometimes be very low in winter. Generally though, the city has a warm winter climate and its sandy beach has become popular amongst tourists even in winter.

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Why visit Agadir ?

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The most modern resort in Morocco

The city is made up of many modern buildings, such as hotels and cafés

The location of the city’s beach means that you can relax in the sun whilst enjoying a gentle breeze from the Atlantic. The beach is spacious and very clean, making it the perfect place to unwind after exploring the city’s modern buildings or just simply a place of relaxation for tourists who prefer soaking up the sun rather than walking around the city.  

Agadir does not have many architectural attractions due to the devastating 1960 earthquake. Although the beach is the city’s most famous attraction, the fish market also attracts quite a few tourists. Agadir is an important fish city, so the market has become one of the city’s main places of interest.  

Before the earthquake struck, Agadir had just as much to offer as the other cities in Morocco. All that is left as a reminder of the devastation caused by the earthquake is the Ancienne Talborjt, a beautiful garden that is used as a memorial to the thousands of people who died in 1960. The setting may be a little chilling for some tourists, but others may wish to pay the garden a visit as a mark of respect and to understand how the city once was.  

Despite the lack of special features, there are many activities that you can enjoy whilst visiting Agadir, such as golf, horseback riding, sailing, and wind surfing. There is also The Jardim de Olhao, a landscaped garden and playground. If you enjoy festivals, you may wish to visit when the Honey Festival and the Timitar Festival are being held. These festivals are held every year and are ideal for tourists looking for a bit of culture in the modern city.  

There are a few shops and markets in Agadir that you may wish to visit before you leave. If you’re looking for souvenirs such as Moroccan crafts, there is the Centre of Artcraft, which sells pottery, ceramics and much more. This store is ideal for those who wish to take a little of the city home with them. The city’s modern architecture means that you will have no trouble locating supermarkets, bars, and other large stores.  

There are many modern restaurants in the city. If you wish to try out some Moroccan cuisine, there is the Nouvelle Talbortj, where there is a selection of cheap places to eat. Those who enjoy seafood may wish to visit Le Miramar, a hotel and restaurant which specializes in lobster and oysters.  

If you enjoy exploring modern streets and buildings, Agadir is the perfect destination. Those who are looking for a resort with more culture may wish to visit one of Morocco’s more historic resorts, but a visit to Agadir will be worth it simply because of its beautiful beach and its memorial park, which will help tourists to understand what the city once was before the tragedy caused by the earthquake. Despite its lack of cultural features, Agadir still remains popular amongst tourists, which proves that the city has managed to overcome its tragic past and provide enjoyment all year round for its visitors.

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