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The world's largest river cruise line, Viking River Cruises has nearly seventy ships currently operating on rivers across Europe, Russia and Asia, expecting to increase that to 71 ships by the end of 2019, and sailing on rivers including the Danube, Douro and Elbe in Europe, the Volga river in Russia, the Yangtze and Mekong rivers in Asia and many more across the world. Most famous for their river longships, these ships are of Scandinavian design with open to the air interiors, staterooms with river views, some with balconies, most of which have windows that open to fresh air, and all the comforts and amenities of a luxury hotel.

Latest Viking River Cruises Cruise Deals

Cities of Light

30 Oct 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £2945pp
Viking Alsvin

Rhine Getaway

23 Oct 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £2045pp
Viking Eir

Portugal's River of Gold

26 Mar 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from Call Us
Viking Torgil

Danube Waltz

05 Jul 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £3845pp
Viking Prestige

Lyon & Provence

02 Jun 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £2645pp
Viking Delling

Romantic Danube

18 Jul 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from Call Us
Viking Egil

Oberammergau, the Passion Play

01 Aug 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from Call Us
Viking Egil

Elegant Elbe

24 Sep 2020 (5 Nights) Cruise Only from £3245pp
Viking Beyla

A Tale of Three Rivers

12 Jun 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £2395pp
Viking Alsvin

Elegant Elbe

25 Aug 2020 (5 Nights) Cruise Only from £2845pp
Viking Astrild

Elegant Elbe

07 Apr 2020 (5 Nights) Cruise Only from £3645pp
Viking Beyla

Danube Waltz

11 Oct 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £1645pp
Viking Legend

Viking River Cruises' Cruise Fleet

Why choose Viking River Cruises ?

In Europe, Viking use their signature vessels, longships, which are basically identical in design, offer luxurious accommodation and dining facilities, and can carry 190 passengers. These ships are spread over 4 decks, and all cabins are at least outside cabins, with a full view of the river and surroundings. On some sailings in Europe you may also come across the "baby" longships which although of a similar aesthetic to the main longships, only have three decks, so cabin options will vary.

In Russia, the ships will be more varied as they are refurbished older vessels, and not custom built by Viking. These ships are able to carry more passengers (up to 204 depending on the ship) and have a single dining area. They do offer though a wider variety of cabin and suite, but some public areas may seem a bit smaller. Generally though the design remains Scandinavian, but with a Russian flair.

The ships that operate in Asia are once again more varied. The Viking Emerald which sails on the Yangtze river is the largest in the Viking fleet, closer to a small ocean cruise ship than river, and able to carry up to 256 passengers, and also has more public spaces, whereas the Viking Mekong is one of the smaller vessels only carrying up to 60 guests, and is unlike any other Viking ship, designed as it is to mimic a traditional French colonial riverboat.

River cruises are all about the destinations, more than the stay on-board experience, but don't worry, the stay will leave you relaxed and pampered, feeling fresh for each excursion you decide to take to visit the marvellous locations on your journey. Viking offers a collection of wonderful voyages across many of the famous rivers of the world, Including the Danube, Rhine, Douro,  Elbe,  or further afield to Mekong or Yangtze . Onboard, there are few activities in which to engage but the occasional onboard lecture, or local dance or music troupe tends to draw a crowd. Evening music (most often a piano player) is often popular too.

If you are looking for an expert in river cruises, then Viking River Cruises is the company to choose. Luxury cruises, beautiful destinations, and amazing experiences, available to every guest who chooses to sail with the most popular river cruise company in the world.

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