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About Star Clippers

For cruising with a real difference, Star Clippers may provide the dream cruise, since you will be sailing on board a traditional ‘Tall Ship’, except that this ship will have all the latest facilities available and a perfect cruise will await you.  

If you are looking for an adventure on the waves which includes the atmosphere and character of traditional sailing but still with the comfort and luxury found on most modern cruises; this is the cruise for you. Destinations offered by Star Clippers include the Eastern Mediterranean, French Polynesia. Far East and the Caribbean.

Why choose Star Clippers?


Authentic classic styling with all the state of the art facilities

The delight of the Clippers is really the fact that they are old style sailing ships fully equipped with fantastic facilities, so you get all the aesthetic benefits of the Tall Ship, but all the state of the art facilities that you would expect to find on a modern cruise liner.  

There are basically three types of ships on offer and these range from the 227 guest capacity of the Royal Clipper, through to the Star Clipper and Star Flyer, which can accommodate 170 guests. These four and five masted ships really do make a lasting impression on anyone who sales in them and will leave you feeling nostalgic for the days when these kinds of vessels ruled the ocean.  

The fact that they do not accommodate 1000’s of guests means that these ships are a little bit more intimate and it is also truly spectacular to see the masts and the sails in all their splendour.  

There are more than adequate facilities on board. Even the Star Clipper /Flyer, which only take 170 guests, are fitted with 2 swimming pools and several dining rooms. The whole atmosphere and ambience of the ships is very much geared towards antique luxury, within the modern setting.  

‘Foodies’ will love the excellent fare on offer. The dining dress code is casual elegant, so if you want to look just that little bit special one night, you can dress up, but there is no need for a black tie.  

The ships, because they are powered predominantly by sails, are very environmentally friendly and this is something that Star Clippers is rightly proud of. They also like to boast that they offer something just that little bit different, due to the fact that they are driven by sails.  

Some of the ways in which the cruises are different is that they don’t have a US style, Broadway type show on every night. Instead they bring local entertainers on board, so that people can experience some of the local culture.  

And of course this holiday being that little bit different, why not try your hand at crab racing or you can just linger on deck with a drink, contemplating the beauty of the natural world.  

So to see and experience a Tall Ship in Action, Star Clippers can certainly provide a cruise with a difference, informal, but still almost the ultimate in luxury.

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