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MSC Cruises Deals - Voyage in Luxury

Mediterranean values run deep in our veins: a love of life, good food and time taken at your own pace. With our simple, authentic approach to hospitality, we speak from our hearts. Our home is your home. We believe the world is yours to be explored, to be discovered for yourself and that every moment should be savoured.

MSC Cruises 1 Exclusive Offers

No Fly – 3 Cruise Canada & USA

24 Sep 2019 Cruise Only from £2143pp
MSC Meraviglia

MSC Cruises Fleet

Why choose MSC Cruises ?

A centuries-old relationship with the sea

MSC Cruises is the number one cruise line in Europe, South America and South Africa

As a family-owned company with a seafaring history that spans over three centuries, we have a passion for exploring the world by sea. It’s a passion you can sense from the moment you step on board from the expertise of our captains and crews to the elegant and innovative design of our ships. From the food to the evening shows, the destinations to the excursions and the pools to the spas, everything has been designed and planned to cater for your every need. This is what makes every MSC cruise a unique and memorable experience.  

Seasonal itineraries cover Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba and the French Antilles, South America, South Africa, China, Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sir Bani Yas.  

The MSC Cruises experience creates unique and unforgettable memories for its guests, with the discovery of different cultures, sights and tastes. Guests are transported to these magical experiences on 12 modern ships: MSC Preziosa, MSC Divina, MSC Splendida, MSC Fantasia, MSC Magnifica, MSC Poesia, MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Armonia, MSC Opera and MSC Lirica.

Ship Image from MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises Inspiration

Latest MSC Cruises Deals

United States, Bermuda, Portugal, Spain, France

20 Mar 2020 (17 Nights) Cruise Only from £617pp
MSC Divina

United States, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas

20 Sep 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £474pp
MSC Armonia

Italy, France, Spain

16 Sep 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £949pp
MSC Seaview

Italy, France, Spain

14 Aug 2019 (7 Nights) Fly Cruise from £2469pp
MSC Seaview

Brazil, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy

09 Mar 2020 (20 Nights) Cruise Only from £759pp
MSC Fantasia

Santos,Camboriu,Porto Belo,Santos

11 Feb 2020 (4 Nights) Cruise Only from £351pp
MSC Seaview

France, Spain, Malta, Greece, Italy

04 Nov 2019 (11 Nights) Cruise Only from £1120pp
MSC Poesia

Italy, Malta, Spain, France

06 Jan 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £541pp
MSC Grandiosa

Italy, Spain, France

27 Jul 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £1092pp
MSC Fantasia

United States, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Bahamas, Belize, Honduras

23 Feb 2020 (14 Nights) Fly Cruise from £1329pp
MSC Meraviglia

Italy, Malta, Spain, France

04 Jan 2020 (7 Nights) Cruise Only from £541pp
MSC Grandiosa

Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russian Federation, Estonia

06 Jun 2020 (14 Nights) Cruise Only from Call Us
MSC Meraviglia

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