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At a time when the cruise industry is moving to larger and less personal ships, Coral Expeditions have limited the size of their ships to maximise the expedition experience. Their small-batch cuisine is freshly prepared onboard with a simplistic and generous approach to quality and freshness, accompanied by quality Australian wine. They operate to high standards of safety with Australian crew wherever they go. They were the first to offer interpretive programs reflective of the destinations visited and to employ Expedition Leaders, Guest Lecturers, Marine Biologists, and SCUBA Instructors – a tradition that continues today.

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Why choose Coral Expeditions Cruises ?

Unique Itineraries

Shallow-draught ships can go where larger ships cannot

Guests cruise with them because of the unique destinations, diverse shore excursions and expert-led programs. Their shallow-draught ships can go where larger ships cannot. They mostly shy away from long ocean voyages, though occasionally offer the opportunity for ocean crossing passages. Every day typically has at least one stop for water or land-based activities. On each voyage they will have a Trip Director or Expedition Leader, and on longer voyages, they have Guest Lecturers who are typically experts in the geology, history or flora and fauna of the region. Trip Directors and Expedition Leaders come with marine or local expertise. Most of the shore excursions are included in the cruise price – only exceptional experiences operated by third-parties such as helicopter joy flights require a payment on board and participation is completely optional.

Relaxed Environment
True to their Australian heritage, the ship environment is designed to be casual. There is no dress code or assigned seating at mealtimes. The ship layout encourages mingling and convivial conversation with fellow passengers. Complimentary coffee and tea stations are open throughout the day in the lounge and dining areas. There are no in-room televisions or room service, but there is plenty of comfortable common spaces. They operate an open bridge policy and encourage guests to visit the bridge and observe ship operations. Captains enjoy the open interaction they share with guests.

Curated Shore Excursions
With a strong focus on visiting places not often accessible to tourists, shore excursions are designed to promote local interaction and cultural exchange. One of the great benefits of travelling on a small ship is the ability to make impromptu stops when extraordinary opportunities present. The small group size ensures that shore excursions are comfortable and enjoyable, but also have minimal impact on the communities and environments visited.

Most activities are suitable for all fitness levels; when a higher than normal level of fitness is required for a particular excursion, the Expedition Leader will advise accordingly. You can expect one or two shore or in-sea activities each day, all included in your cruise price.

No Queues, No Waiting
The ships are small enough to allow us to board and disembark much quicker than larger vessels. With our custom-designed efficient boarding system, there is minimal waiting. The shallow draught of the Xplorer tenders and zodiacs allow them to take travellers to locations larger ships cannot.

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