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Avalon Waterways and River Cruise Deals

In 2004, Avalon Waterways set out to revolutionise luxury river cruising. They have the resources and inspiration to create a new and different kind of river cruise experience – one that would embrace and celebrate the best this unique mode of travel has to offer and take it to new levels of luxury and service.  

Their vision was clear – to visit the choicest destinations, cruising through the most magnificent of scenery, exploring history, heritage and culture, all delivered with the ultimate of luxury 5* hotel standard accommodation on board the most modern of ships.

Avalon Waterways Fleet

Why choose Avalon Waterways ?

Attention to Detail

Continuing to refine the art of river cruising

Now, with the youngest, most contemporary fleet of award winning ships in Europe, Avalon Waterways brings you river cruising at its supreme best. They have taken everything special about river cruising and made it even better – down to the very last detail. Luxurious comfort, an uncompromising level of service, sleek and spacious staterooms, fine cuisine and carefully-crafted itineraries along some of the world’s most beautiful waterways are just some of the reasons why their guests have awarded us a 98% satisfaction rating, and why they choose to return, time after time. 

They take pride in the detail, not only in the craftsmanship of their ships – from hand-applied finishes and designer lighting – but also to their exceptional dining options and regionally influenced cuisine, with complimentary regional wines. Each cruise includes a special dinner prepared by a local chef. 

Continuing to refine the art of river cruising
Perhaps it is their Swiss heritage of meticulous planning and attention to detail that drives them to continue to re-engineer luxury river cruising. Since 2004, Avalon Waterways has developed and christened more new ships in Europe than any other cruise company in the world. With two more ships adding to Avalon’s ever expanding fleet, 2016 has seen the launch of the stunning Avalon Imagery II and the Avalon Passion, which is gracing the waters of the Rhine and Danube rivers respectively. This brings the total number of these revolutionary vessels to twelve, including Avalon Poetry II, Avalon Tranquility II, Avalon Tapestry II, Avalon Expression, Avalon Artistry II, Avalon Visionary, Avalon Vista and Avalon Panorama. In addition, the fleet encompasses Avalon Luminary, Avalon Felicity, Avalon Affinity, Avalon Scenery and Avalon Creativity. 

Exciting Itineraries
Exciting new itineraries are continuously being added and existing journeys adapted, and amenities and services enhanced and refined as we listen to and learn from guest feedback. Avalon Waterways is always moving forward, combining the most up-to-date approaches with traditional values to make them not only the most contemporary cruise line on Europe’s waters, but also the most consistent.

Ship Image from Avalon Waterways

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