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A river cruise with award-winning APT is the most relaxing and stylish way to discover the world’s greatest waterways. With 90 years of experience and expertise, APT understands what makes a truly memorable holiday.

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Bringing all the benefits of a premium hotel to the water, enjoy ever-changing views, exceptional dining and stylish surroundings aboard your river ship. In Europe, cruise in luxury aboard the fleet which were awarded the top ten positions in the most recent edition of the Berlitz: River Cruising in Europe, travel guide. On shore, enjoy carefully-crafted excursions led by expert English-speaking local guides who will bring the history and culture of each destination to life.  

Whether you discover the charming landscapes of Europe; be amazed by the grand opulence of Russia; explore remote places along the Mekong; uncover local life and age-old golden temples in Myanmar; visit the ancient cities of China; or learn about the distinctive culture of India, you’ll appreciate the blissful convenience of river cruising as they take you from one discovery to the next.

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