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As for things to do while on such a sailing; there is truly something for everyone in the Western Mediterranean. Just about every cruise line will offer a full menu of shore excursions, though it is also very possible, not to mention easy, to organise things on your own.  

For example, if your cruise stops for a day in Barcelona, Spain, consider a Barcelona highlights tour that features a stop at the Gothic Quarter, Gaudi’s elaborately-adorned Sagrada Familia Church and various other urban areas in the city proper. The Montserrat Monastery is another possibility since it is located a mere 45 minutes or so outside of the city. Perched on the side of a mountain, this regal structure will often be shrouded in mist, and the views you get while driving up the mountain will be absolutely breathtaking.  

If Rome is on your agenda, you are in for a real treat. Take a highlights tour if you’ve never been there before, and make sure it includes a visit to the Vatican and St. Peter’s Square and Basilica. You’ll probably also want to see the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain, as well as the Spanish Steps if time permits. The beautiful thing about Rome is that it is not only beautiful, and steeped in religious tradition, but it is also a very walkable city. While you will probably want to enlist the help of a guide to see the religious sites such as the Basilica and the Vatican complex, there is no reason you can’t do your own self-guided tour through other areas of the city. Be sure to check out the many winding streets and maybe even hang out for a bit at a sidewalk café, enjoying a snack and just people watching.  

If your ship will call at Naples/Sorrento, you won’t want to miss a tour of Pompeii, or better still a trip to the beautiful island of Capri.  

With so much to see and do on a Western Med sailing, it is the perfect trip for family groups where everyone’s interests may be different. It is also the perfect sailing for those who like seeing the sights and experiencing the unique cultures of each area visited.

The Westerm Mediterranean attracts both Large Vessels Including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises and Holland America, aswell as the smaller luxury cruise lines like Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Ponant and Viking Ocean Cruises.


Ajaccio is positioned just 5 km away from the harbour. Ajaccio is actually a city composed of six cantons, with each canton having a number of communes. The cantons, which include Alata, Villanova, Afa, Bastelicaccia, Appietto, etc., combine to make the gorgeous Ajaccio. Not so many vacationers would be familiar with Ajaccio’s location. However, getting to this destination is very easy, as tourists can usually access any of France’s metropolitan cities which operate airline services to Ajaccio’s major airport, known as Campo dell’Oro.  

Covering a total area of 5 km east of the harbour you will find the fun filled Ajaccio well positioned on the west coast of the Island of Corsica. Ajaccio’s amazingly sheltered location offers exciting recreational areas that attract people from far and wide. For vacationers that enjoy acquiring historical knowledge while unwinding; squares, museums, monuments, the statue of Napoleon in Roman garb, the Maréchal-Joffre place and even the Imperator memory are among a wide range of things to explore. Ajaccio is capable of providing something for everyone. With locations like the Imperial Chapel; Cave of the Casone, the Cathedral, the Foch Marshal Square, the Town Hall, the Citadel, the sailing Harbours and a number of others things, holidaying in Ajaccio is an activity that vacationers will certainly relish.


From the wonderful beaches to the fabulous parks to the exquisite cuisines, Alicante is indeed home to a wide selection of places to unwind. The renowned city is one of Spain’s fastest developing locations with tourism as its major source of income. There’s no gainsaying the fact that this appealing tourist attraction pays tribute to grace and style. For those that appreciate nature, making Alicante their next port of call would certainly be a great idea.  

As an historical Mediterranean seaport, the city is blessed with the savour of the sea. In fact, the memorable festivities, beach life, Mediterranean Sea and parks and gardens among many other things make the city such a beauty to behold and a pleasure to visit. Visiting this famous city without a stop at its trade fair centres, shopping malls, museums, etc. would make your trip incomplete.


The city of Almeria is located along the Mediterranean Sea in south-eastern Spain. It is the capital of the Province of Almeria and has a population of almost 190,000 people. It is a little known area although the tourism industry is slowly growing with a few resorts being constructed. There are numerous beaches which are beautiful but a journey inward from the beaches reveals a landscape that is quite barren. As a result, many Italo-Westerns were filmed in Almeria during the 60s.  

The Almeria area is known to be one of the driest places in Europe. Visitors can expect a sunny day on their visit as Almeria on average has 330 days of sunshine every year. During the winter months the average temperature ranges between 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The summer months typically see temperatures no less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city, and has a population of 1,605,602 (2006). Its location on the Mediterranean coast makes the city a beauty to behold. Spain’s capital as well as its most populous city, rests between the rivers Llobregat and Besòs. Only a few people are still unaware of the natural endowments that this attractive city possesses: from the city’s gorgeous turquoise sea to its exquisite selection of cuisines to its rich cultural heritage. Barcelona’s location on the Mediterranean coast enables it to enjoy a sizzling relationship with Spain’s economy, thereby serving as one of Europe’s major economic centres.  

The Barcelona International Airport is the second largest in Spain. As a major tourist destination, Barcelona, with its attractive features, attracts vacationers from all over the world. A visit to the city would be incomplete without a stop at its football club known as FC Barcelona. Vacationers who enjoy the entertainment derived from soccer competitions should thoroughly enjoy visiting this wonderful recreation spot. Barcelona is home to one of the best football clubs in the world today, a two-time UEFA Champions League winner. Renowned for its attractive playing style, FC Barcelona boasts of a large fan base than spans across Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.


The summers are long and hot with the warmest months being June and July with temperatures reaching up to 45°. Winters are mild and can be wet during the cooler months of November through to April. Most rainfall is concentrated from October to March, leaving late spring and summer virtually dry. Snow is very rare, due to the presence of Etna that protects the city from the northern winds. Occasional snow flurries have been seen over the years in the hilly districts.


For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of life to a place where optimum relaxation is guaranteed, Cannes is the answer! Cannes provides something for everyone.  

The town of Cannes developed into a world class tourist attraction many centuries ago. Cannes’ development came into the limelight in the early 20th century when families continually sought refuge in the fast growing town, mainly for recreation and vacation purposes. Thereafter, the Hollywood film producers were to realise the town’s abundant resources and they wasted no time in transforming Cannes into a Movies’ world. With film festivals usually held in May, Cannes’ popularity has now spanned across the European continent.

Cartagena (Spain)

Cartagena, a port town in the Costa Calida area of Spain, is in a strategic position on the Murcia coast, a gem of Spain that translates to the ‘Port of Cultures’. Closely tied to the sea, it has been conquered and inhabited by many different cultures that have made the city a conglomerate of architecture and art. The city’s history is rich on its own and when you travel around, you will see many historic places and splendid collections in the city’s archaeological museums.  

The Carthaginians and Romans always showed an interest in this city, probably due to its position by the sea. The name it is known by today comes from the Latin Cartago Nova. It was under Arab rule until Fernando III retook it the Saint and brought into the Spanish kingdom of Castile. This port city was important to Spain in the War of Spanish Succession and the War of Independence.


The city of Genoa is presently the capital of Liguria. As the birth place of the famous Christopher Columbus (1451-1506), Genoa sits on the Mediterranean Sea, just along the Gulf of Genoa. The city is beautiful to behold with an Italian port, a university town, an industrial centre and a major commercial centre. The ancient city of Genoa was founded in 218BC by Ligurians and has since developed into a major tourist destination. What many love most is its Mediterranean touch and the busy streets. Genoa resides on the southwest coast of Italy’s northern region, with its old area characterised by narrow streets, and the modern area characterised by beautiful villas and gardens.  

An interesting feature of Genoa is the striking marble palaces built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Genoa used to be Italy’s principal centre of commerce and industry until Christopher Columbus caused that position to be relinquished with his discovery of alternative trade routes. Officially known as the Republic of Genoa, the city offers visitors so many things to do and see. Residents of Genoa proudly call their republic ‘Republica Superba’ otherwise known as Proud Republic. Holidaymakers will find numerous excellent restaurants and shops to explore in Genoa.


Welcome to Gibraltar, a British overseas territory found near the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula. Overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, only a short border separates Gibraltar from Spain. The name, Gibraltar, originated from the Arabic, Jabal Tāriq, which means ‘Mountain of Tariq’.  

The residents of Gibraltar take pride in calling their territory ‘The Rock’. Among the things appreciated by tourists are Gibraltar’s flowering plants that are specially protected. The fascinating territory grows over 500 species of flora and fauna. Of particular note is the Gibraltar candytuft (Iberis gibraltarica), which thrives well in the region. Visitors recognise the aesthetic qualities of the wild trees that grow all around The Rock, among which are pine and old olive trees. Visitors relish Gibraltar’s upper region which is characterised by its nature reserve. Pay the Bay of Gibraltar a visit to enjoy and appreciate the sight of dolphins and whales. Gibraltar has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers, and the territory’s climate features an eastern wind called the Levante and a western wind known as Poniente.


Ibiza is a world renowned tourist destination. It’s located along the Mediterranean Sea and it serves as a strong attraction for tourists of all nationalities. Of the 50 Balearic Islands that rest on the Mediterranean, Ibiza ranks third. Ibiza, a Spanish speaking Island is home to approximately 198,000 people and is 80 kilometres from Spain’s coast. Sant Antoni de Portmany and Santa Eulària des Riu are Ibiza’s largest cities. Officially known as Eivissa, locals prefer to call it Ibiza. Ibiza is popular with tourists as a haven for summer activities such as parties and night club sessions.  

If you cherish a lively nightlife and other night related activities, then Ibiza is the right place to be. Ibiza’s selections of night clubs include Privilege (the world’s largest club), Eden (Sant Antoni’s busiest nightclub), Space, Es Paradis (features water parties), Pacha, Amnesia (offers foam parties), and DC10 to mention a few. Try visiting Sant Antoni which is also well known for its busy nightlife. Aside from Sant Antoni is Ibiza Town, another destination that offers such fun.

La Spezia

La Spezia, which is located between Pisa and Genoa, is a city in northern Italy. It is located in Italy’s Liguria region just at the beginning of the La Spezia Gulf and is the capital city of the La Spezia province.  

The Italian military has its main base in La Spezia where you’ll find OTO Malera, one of Italy’s biggest military industrial sites. La Spezia also serves as the Italian Naval Station with a navigation school and is also a commercial port. The city of La Spezia also has a rich history of successful commercial relations with other countries. The city has machinery producing industries, shipyards, petroleum refineries, metal product factories, and lots more.  

With a surface area of 881 square kilometres, more than 222,000 people now call La Spezia home. The Province of La Spezia is composed of 32 municipalities. Those very familiar with Italy will remember Cinque Terre, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, as being one of Italy’s rare gems.


Malaga is a beautiful city and tourist hotspot located in southern Spain. There are various ways to explore this wonderful city and lots of things to see whilst you are there. For example, be sure to visit the Gibralfaro Castle to catch a glimpse of wondrous views. Malaga is the capital of Andalusia as well as its busy port/city. The destination is world famous as Spain’s highly sought after holiday getaway as well as one of its most important commercial seaports. Make Malaga your preferred choice of holiday and I bet you’ll be pleased you did.  

History plays an important role in the development of Malaga into a popular holiday destination. From the views and scenic sights in the ancient city, it is evident that the likes of Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths and Moors were once residents of Malaga. Irrespective of this, Malaga has grown from a quiet, secluded spot into a natural, breathtaking destination for tourists and locals to explore. Giving its rapid development, it’s great news for nearby Grenada where the legendary Alhambra once occupied.


Marseille is the second largest French city and is France’s third largest metropolitan area. The city enjoys a favourable location on the Mediterranean Sea, where holidaymakers have a lot of fun. Marseille’s location, which is characterised by the electric blue seas, mountainous areas and forests, qualifies it as a world-class vacation hotspot. The city also has a Mediterranean climate that features mild winters and dry summers. However, it has varied climatic conditions all through the year. The city experiences severe cold in January through to February, whilst July and August are the hottest months. Generally, its maximum temperature is around 30°C.  

Marseille has a fascinating culture. The city of Marseille is world famous for its history, galleries, museums, clubs, opera house, restaurants, cinemas, bars and lots of entertainment. There is so much to appreciate in Marseille, where the Santon fair has now become its tradition. The fair, which has been in practice since 1803, is held on the last Sunday of every year in the square known as Cours d’Estienne d’Orves.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a fast growing tourist destination with lots of fun to offer holiday makers. It is a city to one of the smallest Islands and countries in the world: Monaco, which carves its niche on the Mediterranean Sea. Monaco measures less than one square mile and is world famous for its gambling activities. Monte Carlo, Monaco’s only city has developed from a secluded tiny Island into one of Europe’s leading tourist resorts. Approximately 32,000 people live in Monaco and the official language is French.  

The history of Monaco has it that the Grimaldi family actually purchased the Island from the Genoese sometime in the early 14th century. They had been in control of the city after establishing a new government and the Grimaldi family were key to the development of the Island in 1297. Gambling and tourism is a way of life in Monaco, and it is little wonder that Monaco is now home to many of the richest people in the world. Having about 370 acres of landscape, only smaller ships now dock at the port of Monte Carlo. From romantic gateways to family vacation hot spot to business trips, Monte Carlo plays host to millions of visitors from around the world year in year out.


Naples, an ancient city in southern Italy, has an important history of art, and culture. On the coast of the Gulf of Naples, you’ll find Naples sitting halfway between Mount Vesuvius and the Phlegraean Fields. UNESCO registered the city’s historic centre as a World Heritage Site. The city boasts of having one of Europe’s largest areas with more than 3.8 million people. Naples has 448 historical churches and the city of Naples is characterised by a number of palaces, castles, piazzas and so on.


If you are cruising to Nice, try to be up on deck as the ship enters the port, as you will have a wonderful view of the famous palm-fringed Promenade des Anglais if you are approaching from the west. Smaller cruise ships dock at the Quai du Commerce. In season, there is a free shuttle and everything close by, such as taxis, currency exchange, and tourist information. Large cruise ships dock nearby in Villefranche.  

Most of the big cruise companies will have cruises that include Nice in their itineraries. Nice is often included as a port with other Mediterranean cities such as Naples and Barcelona. You can also find cruises that focus on France and include Nice along with other French cities such as Avignon, Monaco, and Cannes. If you only have a brief time in Nice, you may want to consider the excursions offered by the cruise lines. These will often cover the highlights of Nice. If you have more time, you have the freedom to explore on your own.


The island of Sardinia, like its brothers and sisters in the Mediterranean, is blessed with beautiful coastlines accessible from the Italian mainland. Olbia is the main port of tourism for the island and while the town is not quite as pretty as the area around it, it is filled with facilities and attractions that many other towns on the island do not have, including Internet cafes, restaurants, bars and pubs. There are also plenty of small hotels and self-catering apartments to let, allowing you to take your time while enjoying the town and the island.  

Sardinia was once colonised by the Phoenicians, Punics, Romans and Carthaginians, and the town quickly became rich and important due to its strategic position for trading purposes in the Mediterranean. Many of the sites in Olbia include some of the remains of its history, most of them open to the public. The old town walls, Roman baths, and Punic necropolis of Li Muri are just some of these ancient sites that interest young and old alike. The necropolis dates back to 3,000 BC and it is comprised of New-Neolithic graves that contain the remains of the ancient city’s more important people.


Palma is the only major city and port on Majorca, a Spanish Island. Palma serves as the capital city of this independent community within the Balearic Islands. You’ll find Palma on the south coast, and it has more than 517,285 occupants in the city and 383,107 people in its metropolis. About half of Majorca’s entire population live in the tourist haven known as Palma. Uncover the secrets of the beautiful Palma by making it your next holiday destination and you’ll never regret it.  

Palma’s airport, Son Sant Joan, receives millions of visitors each year who seize every opportunity to experience the beauty of this tourist destination. The port of Palma provides many fun filled activities, including cruises and tours to other parts of the Island. You could also take a short boat ride to the lovely port of Alcudia. Sightseeing in Palma is something worth taking the time to enjoy. Tour the city and appreciate breathtaking sights that are sources of pride to the people of Palma.


Palermo, an old city in Italy, is famous for its history, culture, architecture and gastronomy. Palermo’s ancient city was once the capital of the Kingdom of Sicily before both were merged to form the Two Sicilies following the Italian Unification of 1860. The city took time to transform into a highly sought after tourist attraction with its metropolitan area being the fifth most populated in Italy. Occupants of Palermo are referred to as Palermitans and the Sicilian language is their lingua franca. Palermo is also one of the world’s most religious cities with most Palermitans being Roman Catholics.  

There are numerous places to stay in Palermo, from the luxurious 5 star hotels to intercontinental hotels to low budget inns. Touring around is one way to exploit the rich historical city of Palermo, and by doing so you’ll have a chance to catch glimpses of its many Norman buildings as well as appreciate its noteworthy architectural heritage.


The city of Mahon – most commonly known as Mao – is located on the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean. The city has been influenced by British colonial architecture, and many of the buildings are painted wine red with white windows and door frames. It makes an interesting site for first-time visitors. The city is bustling and enjoys the warm weather of the Mediterranean area.  

Visitors to the island and the city of Mahon can stay at one of the many conveniently located resorts to be found towards the south and southeast tip of the island. Most of the resorts are by the beaches, which fill up rapidly during the warm summer months and at weekends. If you enjoy swimming in the sea, you will need to keep an eye on the flags on shore, which indicate whether or not the conditions are good for entering the water. There are plenty of shops around the resorts and they are all close to the many museums and other activities in the city.


Portofino, a town barely two kilometres wide, is well known for the jet-set that inhabits its lovely streets. It has been nicknamed the most beautiful Piazzetta – or square – in the world because of its small size. The entire town sizzles with excitement and magic. You never know who you will bump into when you leave your accommodation and it is one of the few places in the world where the piers with their luxury yachts in the marina are a mere stone’s throw from the centre. At the marina you can also see local fishermen mending nets and soak up the lovely atmosphere of the town. Other relaxing pastimes could include shopping, or simply strolling among the colourful homes.


Italy is a country that is filled with romance and beautiful historical sites, with intriguing cities built along the sides of mountains making their way down to the coast. It is the home of the city of Salerno, located on a gulf of the same name on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It was, up until 1943, the city that was home to the King of Italy and was temporarily the country’s capital during World War II. It is also the city that was the closest to the Allied invasion of Italy.  

The city of Salerno experiences the variety of seasons with a dry summer with an average temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit and a rainy autumn and winter at 47 degrees Fahrenheit. The city is windy in the winter but always sunny, something very few cities anywhere else can claim. The river Irno crosses the centre of the city and it is located on the north-western end of the plain of the Sele River.


The lovely town of Sorrento overlooks the Bay of Naples and has been occupying a Tufa terrace – a natural rock formation – for over 2,000 years. The town is located over white cliffs and is enclosed by limestone mountains on one side with the water on the other, giving it a very secluded and private feel. Visitors from all over the world enjoy this town for this reason, and the smell of the orange and lemon gardens scent the air all year round.  

There are plenty of small hotels to stay in while in Sorrento and visitors here are encouraged to try the food at the small Ristorante di Leva where Sophia Loren filmed one of her movies. The owner of this small establishment prepares some of the dishes herself and many of the local flavours can be found here and in other restaurants in the town.


The country of Italy is filled with magic, myth, legend, and history and the city of Taormina on the island of Sicily is no exception to this rule. Located on a hill over Monte Tauro, Taormina has a grand view of the surrounding area and of Mount Etna – Europe’s highest active volcano. Its favourable position means it has beautiful weather and the city is truly a prime tourist destination. Many ancient races, including the Greeks and the Romans, all at one point or another claimed this city as their own, and its unique architecture shows it.  

If you are into architecture, then you will want to visit the Greek Theatre, the Roman ‘Naumachiae’ and the 13th century Cathedral of Saint Nicola. Other important sites are the 14th century Palazzo Corvaja and the 16th century Palace of the Dukes of Saint Stefano. The public gardens and the ancient abbey of ‘Badia Vecchia’ are two more areas that will satisfy your inner architect. Of course there are plenty more places to see, but these particular sites have exceptional architectural significance in the city.


If you are looking for a small French provincial town to visit for a quiet and romantic getaway, Toulon could be the place for you. A natural harbour, the town has Mont Faron as the backdrop for its skyline. Toulon is a place full of contrasts. Visitors to this quaint French town can stay in one of the many different hotels, furnished apartments and rooms or campsites in the town while they enjoy exploring Toulon.  

The town is old and picturesque with daily markets and the smell of food cooking in the many cafes and restaurants can really make the mouth water. It is also a military port where the French Navy is stationed to patrol the Mediterranean. There is a large marina in Toulon and it is a favourite starting point for visits to Corsica and Sardinia. The beaches of Morillon are only a short distance from Toulon’s centre and they are well equipped for young and old alike with plenty of water sports available for those who enjoy fishing, snorkelling, diving and more.


Villefranche, locally referred to as Villefranche-sur-Mer, is a small beach resort and town on the French Riviera. The residential town of Villefranche provides lots of Mediterranean cruise boats for transporting thousands of passengers to the neighbouring villages of Eze and Monaco. There are various routes through which visitors can access the harbour of Villefranche, from using cars to boarding trains to taking boat trips. Villefranche is a secluded but fascinating tourist destination that attracts numerous holiday makers each year and offers its visitors many interesting things to see and do.  

You will find superb restaurants and nice shopping malls to explore. Within the town are several small shops that meet the various needs of both locals and foreigners. Saturdays are food market days while Sundays are reserved for buying and selling antiques.


Valencia is a city in Spain, and it’s where 741,000 people call home. The city of Valencia is world famous for its numerous tourist activities such as sightseeing, gaming and its nightlife.  

Located on Spain’s eastern side near the Tura River on the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll find museums, the Cathedral, Lonja de la Seda and Peniscola, the Castle of the Papa Luna, parks, beaches and captivating gardens. Wherever you stay in Valencia, you won’t miss out on the city’s nice shops, restaurants, cafes, flower stands, bars, etc. There is always a lively moment in Valencia, and you can get involved in walking tours of the city and monuments, taking the touristic little train, visiting the antiques and flea market or the traditional Provencal market, scuba diving, gambling and enjoying nightlife.


The island of Malta is well known throughout the world and the capital city of Valletta is not only a wonderful holiday destination, but also a World Heritage listed capital city. Even without the many different attractions in the city, it would be beautiful, especially with the Grand Harbour and the seaport district. With plenty of accommodation and restaurants to choose from, Valletta is the perfect getaway, especially for history buffs.  

Valletta has a fascinating history and the Saluting Battery, the Grand Master’s Palace and Lascaris War Rooms will appeal to war aficionados who visit this city. The Saluting Battery is located in the Upper Barakka Gardens and is currently undergoing restoration. Here you can learn what it was like to be an 18th century naval gunner and tours are given on a daily basis. The Grand Master’s Palace and Armoury is the home of the Knights of St John, which is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and dates back to the Crusades. The small armoury is open to visitors and contains various relics including swords, armour and helmets.

Florence - Pisa (Livorno)

Florence is a city in Italy, and it is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. Florence is Tuscany’s most popular city with a population of about 364,000 people. Florence is located on the coast of Arno and has a rich history, especially in regards to the arts and architecture. The city of Florence has also been the centre of finance and trade relations among many European countries in the past. The importance of Florence in the medieval ages, especially during the Italian renaissance, cannot be over emphasised. Many have tagged the city as ‘the Athens of the Middle Ages’, owing to that fact.  

As a result of its importance, the city served as Italy’s capital between 1865 and 1870. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, this holiday destination has been a very popular place of vacation and still attracts millions of visitors, with the numbers increasing considerably each year. Florence’s landmarks earn the city great respect among the other picturesque Italian cities. Popularly known as the ‘cradle of Renaissance’, the city of Florence is characterised by several monuments, ancient churches and beautiful buildings. A site to view in Florence is Santa Maria del Fiore, the architectural masterpiece of Florence - the city’s Cathedral.

Rome (Civitavecchia)

Rome is the capital city of Italy and is the country’s largest and most populated city. The metropolitan area of Rome has about 4 million people, and the entire city accommodates more than 2.8 million residents. You’ll find Rome on the Tiber River in the Lazio region of central Italy. Rome has several attributes such as Caput Mundi (Capital of the world), l’Urbe (The City), la Città Eterna (The Eternal City) and Limen Apostolorum (Threshold of the Apostles), among others. Rome ranks third on the list of Europe’s most-visited tourist hotspots, owing to the fact that this ancient city was once a major centre of early civilisation.  

The ancient centre of Rome is registered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Rome’s historic city boasts of museums and galleries, including the Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo, Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the National Museum of Rome, the Capitoline Museums, the Museum of Roman Civilization and the Borghese Gallery. With all of these galleries, you’ll never want for things to do in Rome.


Approximately 35,000 people call Elba home. With Italian as its lingua franca, the Island of Elba thrives in the geographical area of Tuscany, Italy. After Sicily and Sardinia, Elba is Italy’s third largest Island, situated just 20 miles from the coastal town of Piombino. Within Elba Island lays San Martino, Napoleon’s summer residence, which has of course been transformed into a tourist attraction. As a result, you will see the letter ‘N’ embroidered everywhere. Napoleon’s death mask can be inspected at Chisea della Misericordia. Also prominent among the Elba people and the history of Elba are Alexander Dumas and Victor Hugo. A place certainly worth visiting in Elba is the Museo Archeologico, where the Island’s treasures are on display.

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