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Get away for a few days

A Pacific Coast cruise will run anywhere from four to ten days

Many Pacific Coast cruises will stop in a Los Angeles port. If time permits, take a trip to Disneyland, the place where we can all become children again. While it is certainly nothing like the scale of Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in Anaheim, California can provide a full day of fun for people of all ages. If Disneyland is not your thing, take a tour of a movie studio and see just how those television shows and movies you’ve always enjoyed were made.  

Visit the Queen Mary cruise ship, which is permanently moored in Long Beach. In fact, if your ship docked there, then you are in the same cruise terminal with her. The Queen Mary now serves as a hotel and a unique one at that. There is much to see there and tours can be arranged.  

If your cruise stops in San Diego, take the opportunity to visit Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant located right across the street from the cruise ship pier. The food there is amazing, and they are best known for their special New England clam chowder. Sit down service is offered in the formal restaurant, as well as a more casual venue that is open in the afternoons.  

If you have enough time, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the San Diego Zoo. One of the landmark zoos in the United States, this facility can provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family.  

If you are making a stop in Victoria, British Columbia, then certainly don’t miss the opportunity to visit the world famous Buchart Gardens. Acres upon acres of flowers and plants adorn these grounds and one could spend an entire day there and not get bored.  

Vancouver is also a place that offers plenty to see and do. Since that could very well be your embarkation or disembarkation point on one of these Pacific Coast Cruises, plan to spend a couple of days there. If finances allow, stay at the famous Pan Pacific Hotel, which is located right in the cruise terminal. The bell hops will gladly assist you in getting your luggage to the cruise ship, by taking the elevator with down with you. The concierge desk can easily set you up with tours and other activities to suit your interests. Be sure to ask for recommendations for dining where the locals eat.  

Be sure to visit Vancouver’s Stanley Park and its other outdoor gardens. Don’t miss seeing the Gastown District or taking a walking tour of the city itself. Vancouver clearly is worth at least one day if not several.

Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is the home to a variety of different movies, television shows, and books, as well as some nasty earthquakes that fiction writers seem determined to use to break the entire state of California free from the rest of the United States! But this Pacific Coast city has considerably more to offer than just an adrenaline pumping ride when the world begins to shake. You will definitely need more than one day to see everything this American city has to offer.  

Besides the usual array of internationally known hotels and motels, visitors to Los Angeles can find plenty of places to rent for self-catering and Bed & Breakfast for a more homely feel. Visitors from outside the United States need to keep in mind, however, that self-catering options and Bed & Breakfasts in the United States are not quite the same as they are elsewhere in the world. Some of the amenities that are offered abroad are not offered in the United States. However, dining is not an issue here as there are many restaurants, bistros, and cafes available in Los Angeles.

San Diego

San Diego is located in the state of California and is considered a Pacific Coast town. This unique and lively city was built on the hills that lead down to the Pacific Ocean and it is well known for its old fashioned trolleys, bustling nightlife, and unique Spanish flavour.  

Visitors to San Diego can stay at one of the many well-known hotels and motels that can be found along the shore or high up on the hill overlooking the famous city. Eating in San Diego is very varied and you will be able to find something that tempts your taste buds easily from all of the bistros, fast-food, formal, and casual restaurants.


The Pacific Coast city of Seattle, Washington, is the home to movie and television sets, a great professional football team, and the Space Needle, one of the most recognised landmarks around. It was the home of the 1962 World’s Fair and boasts some great cultural locations and tourist spots that are not to be missed. Loaded with plenty of eateries and hotels, the best way to see the city of Seattle is by taking the ‘DUCK’ tour.  

As you travel to the corner of Fifth and Broad Street at the Seattle Centre – you can get there by monorail – where the World’s Fair was located, you will come to the DUCK terminus and view for the first time the very unusual vehicle sitting there waiting for you. The DUCK is a WWII amphibious landing vehicle that will drive you around Seattle and sail on Lake Union for a very different type of tour. The pilot of the DUCK is also your tour guide and they know quite a bit about the attractions they will point out to you, including things that are not found in any guidebook published today.

San Francisco

San Francisco is located approximately midway along California’s coastline. Besides being a coastal city, it also encompasses San Francisco Bay, as well as several nearby islands, including the infamous Alcatraz Island. Home to over a quarter of a million people, San Francisco is located within the San Francisco Bay Area megalopolis, which over 7 million people call home. San Francisco is world-renowned for its cable cars, the Golden Gate Bridge, and, more recently, the nearby Californian vineyards.  

San Francisco, located on the Pacific Ocean, is also known for its fog. The warm land temperatures situated beside the ocean create coastal fog. As a result, the temperatures near the water can be several degrees cooler than they are further inland. Average temperatures range from a summertime 70 degrees Fahrenheit to a winter average in the 50s. Snow falls very, very rarely.

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