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The East Coast of the United States encompasses a lot of territory, much of it covered by cruise ship itineraries. Of course, there’s Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the cruise meccas. Just about every cruise line offers sailings on just about a daily basis from these two cities, but there are others still. New York and its surrounding environs have also developed cruise terminal facilities that are utilised by several cruise lines.  

Then there are the smaller cruise terminal facilities located in Baltimore and Philadelphia. From these east coast ports, one can pick up a cruise to many varied destinations, primarily the Caribbean and Bermuda. Transatlantic sailings are popular also. Cunard runs a full choice of them between Southampton and New York, and other cruise lines routinely sail to and from Europe in the spring and fall, leaving out of a variety of East Coast ports.

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Every east coast port has its own special charms

Cruise lines will often visit some east coast ports as they sail to regions outside of the United States. Stops have been made in New York on ships sailing out of the Florida cruise terminals, as well as Philadelphia and points close to the Canadian border.  

There is plenty to do during these port stops, especially since many of the east coast ports are not particularly known for beach and water activities. New York for example has many sites to see such as the Empire state building, Times square, Central Park and of course, shopping. The opportunities here are almost endless with retail outlets to suit just about every budget and taste.  

If you have the time, take a ferry out to Ellis Island and view “Lady Liberty” up close and personal or take in a Broadway show.  

If your cruise ship stops in Philadelphia, you have unlimited possibilities for cultural enlightenment. Philadelphia is considered the birthplace of the nation and it is steeped in history. Visit the Constitution Centre, site of the Liberty Bell. Take an “old town” trolley ride. This guided tour in open air trolley cars runs primarily in the spring and summer months, and is a fully narrated tour that visits all the important cultural attractions.  

Check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art and get a photo or video of yourself running up the steps made famous in the Rocky movies. For an even more interesting time, visit the Franklin Institute – a place where one could easily spend three days and still not see everything. Walk through the huge replica of a human heart, or take in a show at the planetarium or the IMAX theatre.  

Visit the old town and see the house where Betsy Ross, the mother of the nation’s flag, grew up. Visit Independence Hall, where the nation’s forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence, declaring the formation of the United States of America.  

New York and Philadelphia are but just two east coast port cities. There are many others, including several in Florida. Florida enjoys the benefit of year-round mild weather, so there is much to see and do there, including visiting that famous American landmark, Disneyworld. The Kennedy Space Centre and Universal Studies are two additional sites worth a visit in the Sunshine State.  

Every east coast port has its own special charms and many of them offer sights that can be seen nowhere else in the world. There are lighthouse towers to be climbed, museums to be visited and new people to meet. Most people in these east coast cities tend to be friendly, and are especially delighted to answer the questions of visitors to their city or town.

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