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There are as many varieties of European cruises as there are cruise lines that would love to welcome you aboard. You can take a traditional European cruise that takes you to the major points of interest such as Rome, Venice, Naples, Palermo and Florence in Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and even Nice, France.  

Such a cruise will more than likely be fast-paced since the various countries in Europe are close enough together that a cruise ship can usually visit a different one each day. But tiring yourself out is worth it when visiting Europe because of all there is to see and do there.

Why visit Europe?

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Exploring different regions of the world

You can board a ship in an interesting port city such as Rome or Venice, and add on a pre or post-cruise land tour. Rome in particular has much to be explored, including the Vatican, and other religious and historic points of interest.  

Since the season for Europe encompasses the summer months, many families have started taking advantage of all there is to see and do there. They bring along the kids so that they can experience first-hand the places and peoples they read about in their history books  

And what would a trip to Europe be without sampling the food and wine of the local regions? Many cruise excursions include meals in the various port cities, and it is well worth your while to book these experiences not just for the tour and what it encompasses, but also so that you can taste some of the regional specialities. The Tuscany region, in particular, is one that should not be bypassed without enjoying a fine meal complete with a good Italian wine.  

Of course, there are other areas in Europe that can be explored as well. These include the regions of Northern Europe which include Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; and St. Petersburg, Russia, among so many others. Some of these cruises are what are considered “re-positioning voyages;” that is where the ship is moved from one region to another. The nice thing about those voyages is that you can often spend some time both pre and post-cruise, exploring a different region of the world.  

There are also a host of smaller ships providing European cruises. Many of them offer luxury amenities to their guests, including shore excursions as a part of your cruise fare, an onboard guide who is an expert in the regions being visited, and other special amenities. These ships often don’t carry very many passengers, and so the experience can be personalised to the individual tastes of those onboard any given sailing.

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