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Islands of Cape Verde, Madeira & the Canaries

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Canary Islands

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Bermuda from Norfolk, Va

17 Oct 2021 (6 Nights) Cruise Only from £611pp
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Unique islands, great beaches

Each island is unique, but they all offer great beaches. The weather here is great year-round since the island chain is located so close to the continent of Africa, so there really is no “tourist season.” The Canaries will be rocking year-round, especially with European visitors since they are so accessible from the European gateways. As the largest island, Tenerife is served by an international airport that services the entire island chain.  

All of the Canaries are served by a variety of hotel properties. From full service luxury resorts to smaller “bed and breakfast” type facilities, it is not difficult to find something to suit your budget if you are somewhat flexible in your scheduling.  

As for things to do in the Canary Islands, clearly the biggest draw is the beaches. For that reason, water activities abound, including windsurfing, snorkelling, diving and other water-based pursuits. The Canary Islands are very popular with families and many of its resorts will cater specifically to the family trade with beach front properties, along with specialised children’s programmes that leave mum and dad free to enjoy some of the beach amenities on their own.  

For the land lover, there is also much to do in the Canary Islands. On the island of Tenerife especially there is no limit to the number of eateries one could sample. There are restaurants to suit every taste and budget, as well as a variety of bars and lounges offering regional libations.  

Nature walks are a popular activity here, as well as hiking through the dense foliage that can be found on these islands, along with the hundreds of volcanoes, sand dunes, acres and acres of rich forests, miles and miles of fields blanketed by such diverse crops as bananas, oranges, tomatoes, and other exotic fruits.  

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular resort areas in this part of the world and certainly worth a visit, which is why P&O Cruises, Holland America, Cunard, Fred Olsen, Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines all visit. This is also a great location to enjoy a much smaller luxury cruiseline like Seabourn, Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Ponant and Star Clippers

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The port of Las Palmas is one of the main ports in Spain. It is a port that handles fishing, passenger, commercial, and sports boats. The haven has been supplying ships travelling through the Middle Atlantic for five centuries. In 2007, the port handled 907,782 passengers, and the cruise passenger traffic is rising. The Santa Catalina cruise terminal can berth two vessels and is in the heart of the city. Regional buses and taxis are available to take people further on their journey, but the city is also small enough to be explored on foot.  

Cruises that include Las Palmas are available from many of the top cruise companies, such as Thomson, Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises. Cruising to Las Palmas may include stops at interesting places, including the Azores, and other ports in Spain, Portugal, or Morocco. Alternatively, the cruise may concentrate on the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands have pleasant weather all year round, so many of the cruise lines will head towards the south in the winter, and Las Palmas is a major winter turnover port.


Lanzarote is a beautiful island found off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands. It is the fourth largest island of the seven main islands and has an exquisite landscape that is incomparable to the rest of the Canary Islands. It is a volcanic island set in the Atlantic Ocean and it is home to various splendid mountain ranges and unique flora and fauna.  

The island is beautiful year round and is kept cool by the trade winds that come in from the Atlantic Ocean. The only downside is the sandstorms which do occur infrequently every year. In these cases the temperature rises fairly quickly, it becomes dry and there is limited visibility on the island. The sandstorms come from the nearby Sahara Desert and reach all the way over to the islands. Other than this, the water is kept warm by the temperature which has an annual average of 21 degrees Celsius.


Madeira is a Portuguese island off of the coast of North Africa. It is a spectacular island that is enjoyable to visit all year round. There are incredible amounts of natural beauty here, including crystal blue waters, sandy white beaches, majestic mountains and gorgeous flora and fauna. If you are looking for a vacation spot a little out of the ordinary and exquisitely beautiful, than Madeira is the island for you.  

This island is blooming year round. Even the winter is pleasurable, since the worst weather that it may endure is a slight rainfall. Otherwise, it is warm and sunny year round and it is kept cool by delightful ocean breezes. However, every once in a while there may be winter storms where the waters become rough and choppy. If you are planning on sailing, surfing, fishing and participating in any other water activity it is best to go during the summer season.

Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada is a Portuguese settlement island created by volcanic eruptions and is set in the Atlantic Ocean off of the north coast of Africa. This island is exceptionally beautiful with a mountainous terrain and a spectacular body of fresh blue water. It is an island whose economic means generally derive from tourism. There are many adventures to be had whilst visiting this stunning island.  

Ponta Delgada is the main city on the San Miguel Island and is also the autonomous area of the country of Portugal. It is a tranquil city with less than 50,000 inhabitants, making it a perfect destination for travellers who do not want to be in an overcrowded city area. For a taste of local culture, many people enjoy visiting the suburb of Fajã de Cima because it holds multiple festivities on the island all year round. A popular spot is the São Roque because a new marina and sidewalk, which holds various souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, has recently been built.


Tenerife is one of the more well known islands that make up the Canary Islands, situated off the coast of Africa. It is a volcanic island that is simply stunning, allowing you to view endless species of flora and fauna set against beautiful rock and water landscapes. It is the largest island of all seven and therefore holds certain important government institutions and the Islands’ main university, La Laguna University.  

This island enjoys warm weather all year round, which helps to make Tenerife one of the major tourist spots in the world. It is separated into 31 main municipalities and includes an unusual mix of climates separating the north and south ends of the island by luscious and humid weather in the north end and dry weather in the south.

Gran Canaria

If you are an outdoorsman who loves to experience the different climates then the perfect place to go is to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. This island may be small but it is actually referred to as the “Miniature Continent” because of the different climates that you will find on this small island, making it extremely diverse and perfect for people who are looking to discover what different climate zones have to offer. Known for its exquisite beauty, Gran Canaria is an excellent tourist destination.  

The climate is beautiful all year round; the winters experience temperatures between 15 degrees Celsius and 21 degrees Celsius, while the summers reach an average of 25 degrees Celsius. The island is open to tourists all year round because the weather is so beautiful. During the winter there may be some rain, but otherwise it is sunny and warm.


If you are looking for an excellent place to spend your vacation you may want to visit Fuerteventura. You may have never heard of Fuerteventura, but you have probably heard of the Canary Islands; Fuerteventura is an island off of the coast of Africa and is the second largest island in the Canary Islands, measuring 100 kilometres long and approximately 31 kilometres wide. Fuerteventura can be a great adventure for any traveller looking for astounding beaches, a fascinating history and lots of beautiful sights to behold.  

Fuerteventura is beautiful all year round with mild temperatures that fluctuate between 15 degrees and 27 degrees Celsius. The winters normally range from a warm 21 degrees Celsius and drop to 15 degrees Celsius at night. The summers enjoy a high of 27 degrees Celsius. It hardly ever rains in Fuerteventura, but if it does it’s usually during the winter months. Be careful, due to its proximity to Africa and the Sahara Desert, Fuerteventura often sees the likes of sandstorms which create much hotter conditions, dry air and virtually no visibility.

La Palma

Nothing sounds better than going to a little island in the Canary Islands such as La Palma. La Palma only has 85,000 inhabitants and is the third smallest island out of the seven that make up the Canary Islands. It is a volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean which was claimed by Spain but now governs itself along with its sister islands. The claim to fame for La Palma (or better know as La Isla de La Palma) is that it is the steepest Island in the world.  

La Palma has always been a very significant island as it served as a launch and service areas for ships on their way to America during the period of colonisation. It became very rich from trading and this is seen throughout the culture of its port city. The island’s principal port is called Santa Cruz de La Palma. Here you will see the preserved culture, from growing tobacco and selling premium cigars to the elegant 17th and 18th century architecture of the houses that were built here.

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