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Miles and miles of pink sand beaches

Bermuda is a visitor’s paradise specifically because the Bermudian government has taken steps to keep it that way. No billboards are permitted, nor are rental cars. Residents are the only ones permitted to drive. Tourists must take taxis or use bikes or mopeds to get around.  

Bermuda is a somewhat provincial place. The national dress is Bermuda shorts and the island has some quaint rules regarding just how much skin one can show. For example, if you’re wearing your bikini, don’t even think about venturing more than 25 feet from the beach in it, unless you don a cover-up garment first.  

About 550,000 visitors venture to Bermuda each year, and many of them come by cruise ship. Most itineraries that include Bermuda are what the industry calls “Bermuda only” sailings, and they spend several days docked at different areas of the island on cruises that usually span about a week in length. The three major points of interest are King’s Wharf, St. George’s and Hamilton, and many ships will spend some time docked in one of these ports.  

Bermuda has something for almost everybody to do. Of course, the beach is a big attraction and offers much in the way of family fun. The season runs from April to September and during the summer months the sun can be fierce, making Bermuda a great place to work on your tan.  

Golfing is big in Bermuda and it has more golf courses per square foot than any other region of the world. The weather is perfect for it, and many of the cruise ships visiting here will offer golf programmes as part of their shore excursion attractions. For example, a ship with a golf simulator might offer so many hours of instruction while onboard ship, with several escorted port excursions to play the various courses Bermuda has to offer.  

There are lots of cultural attractions in Bermuda as well that can keep the whole family entertained. These include the brand new Bermuda Aquarium, a Natural History Museum and a zoo facility located in Hamilton. The aquarium includes a large collection of tropical fish — including a 140,000-gallon tank which is filled with “Nemo” look-alikes.  

There are plenty of eateries on Bermuda, with something to appeal to everyone. Some cruise ships, most notably Norwegian Cruise Line, offers a special ‘Dining Ashore’ programme where they provide a $25 voucher to be redeemed at participating restaurants on the island. This programme allows the cruise line to direct tourist dollars to the island businesses, while at the same time providing more choice for their own cruise passengers.


Bermuda is a self-governing British territory located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 350 miles off the east coast of the United States. The capital city of Bermuda is Hamilton, which is actually the only city in Bermuda. There is also one town in Bermuda, but the rest are small parishes.  

Hamilton is a popular port of call for cruise ships, and as such has a very touristy feel to it along the area where the ships dock. However, if you go a little deeper into the city, you will find the locals to be more at ease. Hamilton has the best shopping in all of Bermuda, as well as more restaurants than any other parish. You won’t have trouble finding things to do whilst in Hamilton.

St George's (Bermuda)

St George’s, Bermuda is arguably the oldest town in Bermuda, and at one time was the capital of Bermuda until Hamilton took over the duties. Unlike Hamilton, St George’s never modernised and still looks very much the same as it did when it was founded 250 years ago. Because of this, and because of the existence of many of the old forts that used to protect the town, UNESCO awarded St George’s the title of World Heritage Site.  

St George’s offers plenty of things to see for travellers. Most of them are historical and all of them are within an easy walk from one another. The best time to visit St George’s is during the tourist season, which runs from May through to September. During this time, the residents of St George’s dress up in period clothing and re-enact the old days for the tourists.

Kings Wharf

King's Wharf, Bermuda is also known as the Royal Naval Dockyard. King’s Wharf is located in western Bermuda, away from the pink sandy beaches for which Bermuda is famous. King’s Wharf is a popular port of call for cruise ships, and as such King’s Wharf is full of shopping, shopping and more shopping for their overseas visitors!  

Just about five minutes from the dockyard is a large mall called the Clocktower Mall. Inside the Clocktower Mall you will find plenty of shops and boutiques; shopping here is not a lot different from the shopping you can do at home. If you venture a little further to the Old Cooperage, though, you will run into the Craft Market where you can find local crafts, which make much better souvenirs than the ones you will find at the mall.

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