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A once-in-a-lifetime experience

Land, sea, diving and many other experiences available

Africa is a place best visited on a combination cruise and land tour. This is because while some parts of the country are best visited by cruise ship, there is a great deal to see in the interior as well, and these places can only be reached while on a land tour; it is best to combine the best of both worlds. Enjoy a ten or 20 day cruise (which will usually include not just Africa exclusively, but also encompass some Mediterranean ports as well as a trip through the Suez Canal), followed by an escorted land tour of some of the interior areas of Africa. These will perhaps include a wildlife safari where you can get up close and personal with the wildlife that roams free on the plains. Your safari group will be accompanied by a professional wildlife photographer (a popular option these days) who will help participants to capture an endless array of wonderful shots for the holiday memory books.

A cruise around Africa presents a lot of opportunities to view other sights as well. During your visit to the Suez Canal, you can take land excursions that visit Cairo and the Red Sea coast of Egypt. This area contains some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world, so be sure to bring along your snorkelling gear or “C” card if you are a diver.

The city of Cairo deserves special mention as being one of the most sought-after destinations in this region. Other points of interest in this part of the world include countries with multi-cultural influences which provide a traveller with a wonderful opportunity to experience this great diversity of cultures.

After your ocean cruise, you may want to consider a cruise down the River Nile. Most of these trips originate in Cairo, and can be booked for varying durations. These more “laid back” river cruises get you “up close and personal” with the sights to be found along this majestic river and often include stops at various settlements along the way.

A cruise encompassing the continent of Africa should never be a rushed affair. Rather, it should be looked upon as a once in a lifetime experience to be savoured and enjoyed. Be sure to leave plenty of time to add pre and/or post cruise land tours, including possibly a Nile River cruise, and a tour into the interior of the African continent. Include a wildlife safari in your programme and make sure that your holiday is one that will live forever in your memory as one of the high points of your travelling life.

Mumbai (Bombay)

Green Gate also features some shops and a currency exchange. If this pier is occupied, the pier to the north may be used, which means you will have to take a bus shuttle round to the Green Gate. Taxis at the Green Gate are often cheaper than those at the terminals. Mumbai is one of the most hectic cities in the world, it is loud, raw, colourful, and a little intimidating. The city covers 233 square miles and is home to 12.5 million people; with this many people how does the city work? Well it just does, as they say, Mumbai is not somewhere to see, it is somewhere to experience. Welcome to Mumbai.


Casablanca, located in Western Morocco, is the largest city in Morocco with a population of 3.1 million. Casablanca is the primary city in Morocco for the industrial sector and is the headquarters for many Moroccan companies and international companies.  

Morocco generally offers good weather, though Casablanca can be quite cool on summer evenings and in the winter. The city’s rainy months are from November until April, but tourists should not worry about the rain too much, as even during these months the rainfall is not heavy. Casablanca’s weather is at its best from October until April. The city is usually packed with tourists during this time, as the temperature is around 30°C during the day and 15°C during the night. Spring, which usually comes late in Casablanca, is also a good time to visit due to the weather being pleasant.  

Whilst visiting Casablanca, you may wish to visit the beach suburb of Ain Diab and take a stroll along the corniche. The corniche is particularly good for a visit at night and offers a variety of nightclubs and restaurants. If you’re looking for relaxing activities such as golf, there is the nearby beach resort Mohammédia, which is located just 15 miles northeast of the city and offers a golf club, tennis courts, and a variety of other activities.

Cape Town

Cape Town, located in South Africa, is well known for its landmarks, such as Cape Point, which is a mountainous area located at the southeast corner of the Cape Peninsula. The city is also famous due to its setting in the Cape floristic region, which is made up of fynbos and the King Protea, an attractive plant that is famous in South Africa.  

Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Summer, which lasts from October to March, is warm with hardly any rain. Temperatures in the summer can be anything from the mid 20s to mid 30s. There is a south-easterly wind, which blows quite often at various points throughout the summer, but the days are long and perfect for spending your time at the beach. Spring in September and autumn in April bring pleasant temperatures during the day, with cool nights. Winter is cool and sometimes rainy, though there has been more sunshine in recent years.


Mombasa is located in Kenya in East Africa. The city is the second largest in Kenya, and has a population of over half a million. Located on Mombasa Island, the city is a popular tourist destination and has an interesting history that can be explored during your holiday.  

In Mombasa, the average temperature throughout the year is around 30°C. The rainy period is usually in April and May, which is late spring. The best time to visit the city would be after the rainy period, so that you can enjoy Mombasa’s lovely beaches in the sun.  

Mombasa is a tropical resort with many beautiful sandy beaches along the coastline south of the city. Here you can relax during the day and enjoy the gentle breeze of the Indian Ocean at night. Diani Beach, a popular waterfront resort, is 30 km south of Mombasa and definitely worth a visit. Here you can enjoy the beautiful long beach and keep a lookout for the black and white colobus monkeys that can be found in the area.

Port Said

There is something to be said for visiting a city that is off the usual beaten Egyptian track of pyramids and the Sphinx. That is how the city of Port Said is looked upon. A suburb of Cairo, Egypt, visitors can use this port city on the Mediterranean Sea and at the northern end of the Suez Canal as a launching point to visit many of the other attractions in this part of the world. There is plenty of accommodation and many restaurants in Port Said. You may find that some accommodation is not quite what you are expecting as most places are clean, but very simply furnished with little or no amenities. Eating in Port Said is not a problem and the restaurants in the city usually have a catch of the day on the menu.  

The city is a fisherman’s haven with chemicals, processed food, and cigarettes being the town’s major industries. Cotton and rice are exported through here, but the city has become primarily a fuelling station for ships passing through the Suez Canal. A duty free port, Port Said has become the premier holiday spot for residents of Egypt and visitors alike. Visitors can easily access the city by taxi or train.


Safaga, a city in Egypt, is situated on the coast of the Red Sea and is popular amongst tourists. The city is not far from Mons Claudianus and Tobia Island, so it may be worth visiting these destinations during your stay in Safaga. There are a number of tourist villages in the area that specialise in diving holidays.  

In Egypt, Red Sea Coast resorts like Safaga offer a generally pleasant climate during spring and autumn. Summers in Egypt are very hot, so special precautions must be taken to make sure that you protect yourself from the heat. During the summer months, you may wish to go swimming so that you feel refreshed and cool against the heat.  

Safaga offers a selection of beautiful sandy beaches that are perfect for activities such as diving and kite surfing. If you love to soak up the sun, then you may wish to visit the black sand dune beaches, which is popular amongst sunbathers. Divers should take care, as Safaga is known for its hammerhead sharks and strong currents.

Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is located west of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The canal was built in 1869 and is one of the most popular attractions near Port Said. It is used as a transport hub for the Sinai Peninsula.  

The weather conditions in Port Said are fairly good all year round, so there’s always a chance to enjoy a day visiting the Suez Canal. Cool, clear mornings are a particularly good time for transiting the canal.  

There are many beaches nearby, which are perfect for a bit of relaxation after exploring the canal. Port Said has long, sandy beaches and there is also a beach located at Port Faud, which is worth visiting.


Zanzibar is an island located in Tanzania, in East Africa. One of the main industries in Zanzibar is tourism. Other main industries include spices, which led to the island being known as the Spice Island. The island is also known for its many animal species, such as the Zanzibar leopard.  

Zanzibar’s location on the Indian Ocean means that the island enjoys a tropical climate. During the winter months, there are short bursts of rain which occur with the Kaskazi winds. The mwaka, which is the name for long rain, occurs in March and continues until May or June. The best time to visit Zanzibar is between July and October, when the average temperature is 25°C.  

If you love visiting the beach, you will not be disappointed when you visit Zanzibar. The island offers many beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean. For a perfect beach experience, visit the Ras Nungwi Beach Hotel, a short walk away from Nungwi, which can be found at the northern tip of Zanzibar. Other perfect beaches include Mangapwani Beach, Pwani Beach, Jambiani Beach and Kiwengwa Beach.


Dakar is situated on the Cape Verde Peninsula. It is the capital city of Senegal and is also Senegal’s largest city. The population of the actual city exceeds one million, with over two million people in the Dakar metropolitan area. Dakar is a major regional port as a result of its European and Trans-Atlantic trade, and has many notable attractions and places to explore. Dakar was originally the capital of French West Africa before Senegal became independent, so the city still has a lot of French influence.  

The weather is generally good in Dakar. The city is humid, especially during its rainy period in July and August. January and February are windy months which fills the air with sand, so between October and December may be the best time to visit, as temperatures are between 24°C and 31°C.  

There are many beautiful West African beaches located near the city. Some of Dakar’s beaches offer activities such as snorkelling and other water sports, which you may wish to try during your visit. You can also explore the area further by taking a cliff top walk.


Agadir is located in Southwest Morocco on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The city alone has a population of 200,000 and a population of over 678,000 when combined with nearby cities such as Aït Melloul and Inezgane. The reason behind Agadir’s modern appearance is the 1960 earthquake which killed 15,000 of the city’s people and destroyed many of its ancient buildings.  

In mid-January, Agadir has an average midday temperature of 20°Celcius, though temperatures can sometimes be very low in winter. Generally though, the city has a warm winter climate and its sandy beach has become popular amongst tourists even in winter.

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